Loans for the unemployed. A chance to get out of trouble?

Lack of work affects many people. A lot of people are affected by the so-called structural unemployment, which causes permanent unemployment, but there are also those who lost their jobs overnight and without any savings, were left without financial resources. Lack of a permanent job almost excludes the possibility of obtaining any form of financing, especially if it was to be provided by a bank. In this case, some people head towards a non-bank loan company offering quick loans online without certificates. Does the unemployed person really have a chance for such a loan?

The unemployed have a harder time

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The widespread belief that loan companies will grant loans to anyone without asking any questions is a myth. It is true that these are usually loans requiring only an ID card without presenting any certificates. It is also true that the requirements for borrowers are much lower than at banks. But it is not true that you do not need to have any income to get a loan, and loan companies are fairly thoroughly testing the applicant’s creditworthiness. If you do not have it, you have great opportunities to obtain financing, even in a non-bank institution.

Credit history is important

A good credit history is a sign for a loan company that it can trust the applicant. The current diligent repayment of financial liabilities proves that they have always been taken seriously. Most companies analyze TLV, SMALL or KRK databases in quite detail and they will not always be an obstacle to obtaining a loan. Low TLV scoring (which may be due to the fact that you did not take any loans or installments before) or a debt of several hundred zlotys is not serious if the person applying for the loan has stable employment and income in the appropriate amount. But for the unemployed it will be the opposite – no work combined with debts is an explosive mixture.

The unemployed is not always without income

It can also be important how many people create a household with us. If the applicant is married and the spouse is working, his or her earnings will also count towards creditworthiness, even if the loan is taken individually. Of course, it should be noted in the application that this is the earnings of another person.

Of course, lower income will also result in a smaller loan amount. However, a larger amount will require additional collateral that standard online loans do not require. People with no creditworthiness may be interested in car loans  or loans guaranteed by a guarantor. The advantages of such loans will not only be high amounts, but also a long financing period, which can allow you to find a job, get an additional source of income and pay off the loan without any problems. What’s more, with a car loan, the borrower will still be able to use the car, which can be useful for him when looking for a job.