7 Best Patio Furniture Sets 2022

Material: The most common materials for patio sets are aluminum, polyethylene resin, and wood due to their durable, weather-resistant, and easy-to-wash qualities. When it comes to deciding what is best for you, the conditions your furniture has to endure should be a big determining factor. Heavy rain can make wood sets inconvenient if you want to dine outside after a summer shower, while fake wicker wipes clean quickly and won’t feel damp when you sit on it. For milder climates, storing your set seasonally won’t be a problem; however, if you encounter severe winters, this will require carrying furniture. If the idea of ​​transporting a wooden dining table (and chairs) seems unpleasant to you, you can choose a lightweight aluminum set.

Ease of assembly: If your attitude to furniture assembly falls into the “doesn’t happen” category, aluminum furniture usually arrives with minimal construction required. But if you’d rather DIY, Devin Shaffer, Sales Manager at My Little Bag, recommend checking the instructions before placing your order. Interior decorator Charlie Hellster also has pre-purchase tips to avoid fitment issues: ask for package dimensions ahead of time to make sure they can fit in the elevator, on stairs, or through doorways.

Assortment: The beauty of ordering a set is avoiding the a la carte furniture selection, but with so many different combinations it can sometimes feel like apples and oranges. That’s why the best approach is to identify the most common uses of your space and prioritize utility. For example, if you have several children, you can opt for a set with a space-saving bench seat rather than individual chairs.

Price: Typically, longevity matches price. If you plan to upgrade your set in a few years, go with one of the more affordable options. But if you plan to enjoy it for many summers, it might be a good idea to opt for a more expensive (and more durable) collection. For the options below, we’ve designated recommendations as $ (under $500), $$ ($500 to $1,000), or $$$ (over $1,000).

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