8 modules that add furniture

With one of the biggest modding scenes on the internet, the Minecraft Fans are always on the lookout for new things. When planning a massive build, one of the trickiest parts is knowing what to put in it. The community had to do with minimal interior design options thanks to Mojang preferring to focus on overhauling the most important aspects of the game.

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Fortunately, there are a plethora of mods for players to choose from that add all kinds of decorative and functional furniture. Players no longer have to craft DIY chairs with hatches. Instead, they can pose an appropriate one and sit on it as usual.

8 Builders’ crafts and additions

Minecraft Builder Crafting and Add-ons Mod

Created by: MRHminer

Latest version available: 1.18

While some like their furniture to be extravagant, exceptional, or modern, others prefer it to blend in. MinecraftThe signature style of, this is where Crafts & Additions stands out. With interior and exterior decorations, this mod uses all Minecraftof vanilla textures in a creative way, ensuring that nothing seems out of place in the world.

Inside there are functional shelves and shelves for items, along with all the standard items players expect from their mods: kitchen drawers, countertops, tables, chairs, and stools. Outdoor decorations cover things like different types of fences, benches or hedges.


seven Storage drawers

Minecraft storage drawer mod

Created by: Texelsaur

Latest version available: 1.18

Although this mod is more about storage than decoration, these drawers are a very nice way to store a lot of things. Gone are the days of filling a chunky room with chests and having to label them all individually. This mod does all the hard work for gamers.

Several different types of drawers can be made, but they all take the same basic shape. Players can put an item in a drawer with their hand. That drawer will then display exactly what it contains for future reference. Players can also remove items with a single click, with the option to remove stacks or individual items. This mod is not only efficient, but it makes item storage much prettier in the process and is already available for Minecraft last version.

6 ModernArch

Minecraft ModernArch mod

Created by: Designio Graphics

Latest version available: 1.14

Minecraft the visual style lends itself well to rustic or medieval style constructions. With wood, stone, and their variants being the primary building materials, most players will create things that echo a bygone era. As such, many furniture mods try to meet this goal, but ModernArch not.

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ModernArch is one of the only furniture mods that creates modern furniture with a realistic look. This includes things like computers and sofas, but even the most basic things all furniture mods add have been tweaked in their own way. The cupboards are expansive, with polished wood and mirrors installed. The shelves have a clean, modern design style with no rough edges.

5 Decocraft

Minecraft Decocraft Mod

Created by: RazzleberryFox

Latest version available: 1.12

For players who want a bit of everything in their furniture mods, Decocraft is the place to go. This mod does a great job of standard things like tables and chairs, but it goes beyond creating all kinds of decorations and fun items to put inside and outside the house.

Using a unique crafting system, players can browse a list and select what their heart desires. From seating like sofas or garden chairs to less common items like a honey pot or a harp. There is bound to be something for everyone in a mod like this, with almost endless possibilities and new things being added.

4 Exline Furniture

Minecraft Exline Furniture Mod

Created by: Exlinegames

Latest version available: 1.18

The Exline mod is curious as it straddles the line between the posture Minecraft’main themes and inject the modern world into the game. Some items may seem a bit out of place in the world, but they have a unique character. Minecraft-flavored touch to them that makes them work.

For example, a television is the kind of object that would not look good in a Minecraft world, but the texture work fits perfectly and the retro styling gives the kind of comeback quality that makes the graphic style of the game is a hit. It contains items for every room in a standard house, so players won’t have to worry about what to do with their entire interior space.

3 Library and crafts

Minecraft Bibliocraft mod

Created by: Nuchaz

Latest version available: 1.12

A mod that has been around for a long time, Bibliocraft has expanded far beyond its original idea. Originally designed as an immersive storage module, it eventually spread to decorative furniture, all of which have a distinctive style. Although he uses Minecraftvanilla textures, the way he uses them is unique to Bibliocraft.

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This mod offers unique storage solutions for just about any type of item. Standard shelves for ordinary items, shelves for books, racks for records and cases for tools and weapons. On top of that, it has vintage-style tables and chairs, along with golden lanterns and desk lamps to boot. The whole mod has a quiet dignity that gamers will love.

2 Chisel

Minecraft Mod Chisel

Created by: tterrag1098

Latest version available: 1.16

Chisel is unique compared to all other furniture mods. Rather than adding a lot of new items like tables and chairs, he instead focuses on the blocks themselves. By adding plenty of texture variations to just about every building block in the game (and a few new ones), Chisel is increasing players’ options for their wall and floor design by a hundred.

The possibilities for this are seemingly endless. Not only will this give Minecraft simpler blocks come to life, but interior spaces can now be designed in endless new ways. When combined with any other furniture mod, Chisel allows players to create something vanilla players can hardly dream of.

1 MrCrayfish Furniture

Minecraft MrCrayfish Furniture Mod

Created by: MrCrayfish

Latest version available: 1.18

MrCrayfish’s mod has gained a reputation in the community for being the de facto furniture mod for Minecraft, and it’s clear to see why. It might not add as many items as Decocraft or go for realism like ModernArch, but it does add a wide variety of items with incredible polish on the designs.

With tables, desks, chairs, and sofas for just about every type of wood and stone in the game, meaning they’ll fit into any biome. These elements are so well designed that they could easily be official Mojang features. There is also such a great variety. Every room in the house is covered, but there is also plenty for the outdoors. Whether gamers want a pretty paved garden or wild camping, this mod offers those possibilities.

Minecraft was released on November 16, 2011 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.

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