Anna announces the opening of Mursel’s own furniture store

90 Day Fiancé’s Anna and Mursel are already successful beekeepers and business owners, but Mursel just opened her own furniture store.

90 day fiance Couple Anna Mistanoglu Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu are considered successful business owners, but Anna has just revealed that her husband has opened his own furniture store. American and Turkish 90 day fiance season 6 couple are expecting their first child together via surrogate, but that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their career goals.

Anna and Mursel were one 90 day fiance couple who originally had to rely on a translation app to communicate, though they overcame the odds to have a successful marriage. Mursel embraced Anna’s children and joined her in her beekeeping business. The duo now co-run Beauty & The Bees Honey, a business Anna started in 2015. Through the business, Anna and Mursel sell local honey, personal care products, teas and baby items. the House. While Beauty & The Bees has both an online store and a storefront, Mursel now also has its own furniture store.


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Anna took to her Instagram to make a big announcement about Mursel’s career. “Mursel’s bespoke furniture website is launched today! Head over to to check it out!” the proud wife announced of her carpenter husband. Although Anna and Mursel are known to be beekeepers, few viewers knew he was opening his own business. Mursel’s Furniture says Mursel has “more than 20 years of experience as a builder and designer of custom furniture. “Turkish Man specializes in kitchen and dining room, bedroom, custom wall units and home office furniture. Mursel says European and Turkish furniture styles influence his handmade pieces tailored.

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Anna’s announcement delighted her supporters, who were largely delighted to see Mursel succeed. Although many 90 day fiance franchise personalities were called lazy, Anna and Mursel gained a reputation as serious and hardworking people. “Well done and congratulations and many years of prosperity to you!“wrote a commenter. “I admire your life story!” another fan chimed in. “Such exciting news!!! Congratulations Mursel, I wish you all the best on this journey 😎,” reads another comment. Many commenters praised Mursel’s furniture, which can be found on his website, as well as his skills as a carpenter. Mursel listed his store address as Bellevue, Nebraska, and provided contact information for interested customers to obtain quotes.

While Mursel is successful as a carpenter, Anna has also caught the attention of fans for selling breastmilk soap. The passionate beekeeper used induced lactation to be able to produce her own milk for her baby when it was born. She now offers to make breastmilk soap for new mothers from their own breastmilk, as it is a gentle and sensitive way to wash newborns and help them with various skin conditions. While viewers originally thought Anna was selling her own breast milk, she clarified to viewers that the service would be for other new moms with their own milk. Overall, Anna and Mursel seem to be thriving in their careers and are part of 90 day fiance duo who worked hard to achieve their dreams.

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Source: @annamcampisi/Instagram, Mursel’s Furniture

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