Blown patio furniture from the 30th floor of a Vancouver skyscraper (VIDEO)

While the entire Vancouver metropolitan area is under wind warning as extreme weather conditions wreak havoc in the area, residents of Yaletown condos had a mind-blowing spectacle on Monday as gusts threw up furniture from patio on the balconies of the skyscrapers.

Franklin Sayre shared a video of the interior of a building near George Wainborn Park showing people’s patio furniture soaring above downtown.

Sayre said he was on the 30th floor of the building and the furniture included lawn chairs and “big, heavy stuff.”

He also captured video of a nearby skyscraper that had apparently lost some of its blue and white exterior building tarps, which workers were trying to secure again.

It wasn’t just patio furniture that was being thrown in the gusts today. On the nearby Stanley Park seawall, an unmoored barge ran aground at Sunset Beach, shocking onlookers.

Several weather warnings were in effect Monday in the greater Vancouver area. Environment Canada has warned that areas near the coast will experience strong wind gusts, with northwest winds reaching 70 km / h and gusts up to 90 km / h.

The winds are expected to remain strong throughout the afternoon.

In all regions, Environment Canada said people should exercise caution as high winds can break tree branches and cause power outages. Heavy precipitation can cause flooding in rivers and leaching of roads.

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