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Burrow has been a staple in the direct-to-consumer furniture space for years. Its sofas, in particular, launched the company into the public eye for their style, affordability, comfort and, above all, ease of assembly. Although the company has expanded its scope to offer different pieces, Burrow has yet to release its own bonafide bedroom furniture collection…until now. For the first time in its history, Burrow is selling its own full line of bedroom furniture, and it’s quite the collection.

Ranging from bed frames to dressers, lighting, bedding, nightstands and even mattresses, Burrow’s new collection can outfit your entire room in one fell swoop. Starting with its impressive Circa beds, Burrow offers an easy-to-assemble bed frame that features solid wood construction, a sturdy headboard that attaches to the bed, and thick slats to “provide a quiet, stable platform for to sleep”. Of course, no sleep setup is complete without a comfortable mattress, which is where Burrow’s breathable and super comfortable Lyric Foam and Hybrid mattresses come in to play. The foam mattress sports a three-layer foam design with gel-infused foam, while the hybrid mattress features foam and coil construction for weightless sleep.

For your clothing storage needs, Burrow’s bedroom collection offers a range of different Prospect chests of drawers with soft-closing casters and raised edges to prevent your belongings from sliding around. Building on the age-old adage that “variety is the spice of life”, the Prospect chest of drawers comes in 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 15 drawer options, in case you need more. equip or equip yourself with a small community college. . These beautiful chests of drawers are available in a walnut or oak finish and can be illuminated with any of the Alumina, Knuckle, Oval, Noma or Enno lamps from the collection.

Of course, what line of bedroom furniture would be complete without bedding? Burrow’s bedroom collection covers that base too, offering a set of eucalyptus sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases in 100% TENCEL lyocell fiber. It even includes a eucalyptus mattress cover to keep your beautiful Lyric mattress fresh and free from spills. Burrow’s bedroom furniture collection is currently available on their website starting at $40.

Purchase: $40 +

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