Burrow launches bedroom furniture, mattress included

Let’s be clear, Burrow’s top priority has always been simplicity. The direct-to-consumer furniture company offered an exclusive sofa design that was easy to customize, easy to ship (in easy-to-handle boxes), and easy to assemble (easier than IKEA). Design has always taken second place, in the service of this simplicity.

However, in the DTC landscape, we have seen many try this formula with less than spectacular results, while Burrow has been able to offer furniture worthy of a central place in your living room and which may only receive compliments from guests. . Now, that success has led them to their next adventure: the bedroom.

Tuesday Burrow launched its new Bedroom collection, which includes bed frames in different finishes and chests of drawers in different drawer configurations – the pieces we’ve come to expect from them – but also something we didn’t expect: two of their own homemade mattresses. It wasn’t enough for them to take on all the other Furniture Disruptors, they also had to take on the Mattress Disruptors.

The flagship of the new line is Circa bed, which can be customized according to your needs, from size (double, queen, king) to headboard style (wood, fabric, without headboard). We say yes to the wooden headboard and finish – whether you choose light oak or dark brown walnut depends on the rest of your bedroom.

To accompany the Circa bed, Burrow is launching the Lyric mattress in two configurations.


Speaking of which, they designed Prospect chest of drawers to match your bed, as it is available in the same wood finishes. But the beauty of this piece is that it doesn’t just offer the traditional squat design you’ll see from most other brands. Yes, they offer one that’s three drawers high, but they also give you the option of a taller five-drawer dresser – another sign that they’re aware of providing storage solutions for owners of four bedrooms and to the inhabitants of the studios. (I don’t know who’s going to need the absolutely massive three-pillar, five-row, 15-drawer dresser, but they’re also thinking of all of you hoarders.)

The most interesting addition is the lyrical mattress, which is available in an all-foam design or a hybrid option for those who want spring stability, though Burrow opts for “individually encapsulated coils” that look like a bunch of little batteries under the foam. It’s a tough prospect, we admit, to think about buying an all-new mattress design that doesn’t have third-party testing to back it up, but there are a number of ways to get people to try it. On the one hand, they cut the prices of similar models at Casperthe leading name in DTC mattresses, and offering a 100-night trial period.

The Knuckle table lamp by Tala, a London-based lighting design company, which is sold as part of furniture company DTC Burrow's new Bedroom collection, launching in February 2022

The Knuckle Table Lamp, part of a curated lighting collection by Tala.


Where, you might wonder, is the fantasy? The excitement? The piece that can transform your bedroom from a snoozefest into a dreamscape? For this, Burrow turned to Tala, a London-based lighting design company. As part of the Bedroom collection, Burrow is offering some of their striking lamps for sale, the best of which is called the phalanx. It’s a sort of quirky Edison lamp that offers a welcome dose of electrical eccentricity. (They also used another outdoor brand, Sijo, for their bedding.)

If, however, you’re just here for Burrow’s signature simplicity, they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with the rest of this collection (no nails required).

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