Consumer Forum orders furniture company to compensate Ludh Man for delay | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: The District’s Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission has ordered the local branch of Carpenters Classic and its Bangalore office to pay compensation to a customer for the alleged delay in supplying a kitchen as well as an installation defective. The commission consisting of its Chairman KK Kareer and its member Jaswinder Singh ordered Carpenters Classic India Private Limited, Ferozepur Road Branch and Bangalore Office to pay Rs 75,000 as composite compensation to consumer Sunil Pillay of Brown Road, Ludhiana .
In his complaint, the plaintiff stated that he was in the process of building his house and wanted to have all the luxuries in his newly built house. Carpenters Classic India Private Limited, Ferozepur Road Branch and Bangalore Office told the Complainant that they are franchisees of an opposing third party, which is an Italian company. They promised that they would provide a lifetime warranty for the kitchen. The opposing parties concluded a contract with the plaintiff on November 25, 2017 and received a sum of Rs 25,000 against receipt. According to the contract, the opposing parties were to receive a total sum of Rs 21 lakh against the installation of the kitchen. They received a sum of Rs.10,50,000 on November 25, 2017 drawn on ICICI Bank. The method of payment according to the contract was 50% in advance, 30% on arrival at CCI (Carpenters Classic India) warehouse and 20% on site delivery, which was different from the standard contract form which was planned for 70% of the total. value indicated in advance and 30% upon arrival of the kitchen at the CCI warehouse.
The plaintiff alleges that contrary to the terms of the contract, the opposing parties delivered the kitchen after a delay of more than 160 days whereas according to the clause of the terms and conditions, the kitchen had to be installed within 150 days from the signing of the contract. the contract. On top of that, they started demanding payment in violation of the contract. They demanded payment of the balance of Rs 10,50,000 even before the kitchen was sent from their warehouse.
The plaintiff paid the balance of Rs 10,50,000 on May 3, 2018. He further alleged that at the time of the installation of the kitchen, the employees of the opposing parties were very uncooperative and behaved rudely with the plaintiff . In the contract, the opposing party agreed to provide the worktop in waterproof plywood with installation material in Indian granite with bull’s nose and the cost of it was included in the contract in the amount of Rs 97,785. However, due to the non-provision of the worktop by them, the Complainant had to purchase the same from Ludhiana itself in order to avoid any delay in the installation of the kitchen. They even refused to reimburse the cost of the work plan although they agreed to do so in an email dated July 2, 2018 with a 10% deduction of Rs 9,779 as a coordination fee and a discount from Rs 3,960. TNN

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