Craftsman furniture maker expands production, opens storefront in historic Floyd heart

The Phoenix Hardwoods team

Phoenix Hardwoods, Inc., an artisanal manufacturer of high-quality furniture and home furnishings made exclusively from hardwoods grown in Virginia, will expand its production facility in the county and open a new storefront in the historic Farmer Supply store. in the heart of downtown Floyd.

The new retail and manufacturing space will allow the company to expand its product line, improve production efficiency and better serve its customers. The project will create eight (8) career-focused positions, lead to $ 100,000 in new capital investment and allow the company to purchase an additional $ 76,000 of hardwood grown in Virginia over the next three years.

Founded in 2002 by Bill and Corinne Graefe, Phoenix Hardwoods has built its reputation on high quality, handcrafted hardwood furniture and housewares. After nearly twenty years in business, the founders were retiring and planning to close the business. In January 2020, longtime friends of the Graefe’s, Jeff and Annie Armistead, acquired the company. It was a perfect match with Jeff, a longtime environmentalist, and Annie, a local artist and gallery owner.

Their desire was to continue what had become a popular and respected local business. They are passionate about maintaining true handmade craftsmanship that is rich in Floyd and being part of the allure of this truly unique community. In addition to retaining the facility and retaining their team of talented young artisans, the company’s retail expansion in Floyd Town breathes new life into the former Farmer’s Supply store, a landmark of Floyd which opened in the 1930s and closed at the end of 2020.

“As someone who grew up in the Appalachian forests of Craig County, the hardwood forests of Virginia have always held a special place in my heart. I’m delighted that we can partner with a community like Floyd County to support a business like Phoenix Hardwoods, as both value Virginia’s hardwood resources as much as I do, ”the Secretary of Agriculture and Human Resources said. Bettina Ring Forests. “Because it is through a deep appreciation of our forests and the beautiful products that come from them, such as those created by the artisans of Phoenix Hardwoods, that we are able to develop markets for Virginia forest owners and support the sustainable forest management and restoration of our forests. “

The company saws, planes and finishes local logs and lumber to handcraft fine furniture and accessories. Their mission is to create high-end generational pieces that become more valuable once they leave the store. Their product assortment includes custom tables of all kinds, beds, stools, chests, live mirrors, desks, kitchenware and home accessories. Relocating the mall to town will increase customer exposure and expand their reach. Wholesale products, such as laser cut custom logo cutting boards, are a new and growing part of the business.

“As a long-time conservationist, I am delighted and delighted to receive this grant from AFID,” said Jeff Armistead, President of Phoenix Hardwoods. “This will allow Phoenix Hardwoods to grow and continue to work with the sustainable natural and human resources, trees and jobs of Virginia. “

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) worked with Floyd County and the Floyd County Economic Development Authority to secure this project for the Commonwealth. Governor Northam has approved a $ 10,000 grant from the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Development Fund (AFID), which Floyd County will match with local funds.

“The Floyd County Board of Supervisors and the Floyd County EDA are excited about the expansion of Phoenix Hardwoods in the county,” said Floyd County Board of Supervisors Chairman Joe Turman. “This expansion by local entrepreneurs creates good jobs in our community and capitalizes on local crafts and hardwoods.”

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