Dreams Bedroom Furniture Accessories – Nightstand, Bench, Blanket Box

Sumptuous and tactile, velor fabrics evoke a sense of comfort, making them the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to bedroom decor. So there is no doubt that you will love the House Beautiful collection with Dreams and our new velvet bedroom accessories including bedside tables, blanket boxes and benches.

These bedroom furniture accessories can blend into your existing bedroom, or better yet, you can complete the look with our matching bed frames at Dreams, which we highly recommend, of course!

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Aside from a bed, a bedside table is a must have in the bedroom. It’s the perfect storage station and table top for a potted plant, table lamp, or even just a cup of tea.

(left-right): Grove, Ren, Neva


The Grove and Never will bedside chests of drawers combine style and functionality. With a single drawer and a shelf to keep your space organized and clutter-free, it also features a sleek glass top to protect the fabric from wear and tear and accidental spills. And, best of all, a built-in USB charging point provides easy access to charge your smartphone or tablet.

It is available in two colors in both ranges, gray and blue, and it matches the Grove and Neva bed frames.

grove bedside chest, dreams x beautiful house
bedside chest neva, dream x house beautiful

The Ren next to the chest, upholstered in a dark brown velvet fabric, is plush and luxurious with minimalist dark wood legs and a gold drawer handle. Matching the Ren upholstered bed frame, it features a glass top with a single drawer and is a contemporary and stylish storage solution for every bedroom.

bedside chest ren, dream x house beautiful

Blanket boxes are the ultimate must-have storage for blankets, throws, cushions, pillows and more, and will look great at the foot of your bed.

blanket boxes, dreams x beautiful house
(left-right): Grove, Ren, Neva


The contemporary Grove and Never will The blanket boxes, both covered in velvet, feature a deep storage space and soft-closing top, which means minimal noise when closing the lid. Both styles are available in blue and gray.

blanket boxes dreams x house beautiful
blanket boxes dreams x house beautiful

Similar to the bedside chest of drawers, the Ren blanket box has slender dark wood legs and striking gold detailing on the lid. It has a deep storage space, so it’s the perfect accessory to store your things!

ren blanket box, dreams x beautiful house

With thin dark legs, the two Grove and Never will the benches will look great at the foot of a bed or in front of a window (perfect for a magnificent view!). It’s the perfect place to put on socks and shoes or sit down to read a book or magazine. Both styles are available in blue and gray.

grove bench, dreams x beautiful house
neva bench, dream x house beautiful

• Buy the full collection at Dreams here.

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