Garden furniture for the high holidays

Six green chairs

Six chairs sitting on the wet green lawn

Always makes me feel interested, even hopeful

That people are coming, that a call has been made

And so the seats were prepared

For the arrival of the six

I never know if they will arrive together as a group

And each appear in front of their chair while waiting

Patiently, even with a little nerves, for the other to settle down

Because the chairs are all equal, equally comfortable

Identically constructed Adirondack chairs, each in deep hunter green

And all face to face on a central green oval

Of lawn, a kind of carpet between and in front of them

Thus, when these advisers or visitors or

Whoever they are, every time we speak

Everyone can easily understand what the other said

That is, the spacing between the chairs is such

You might even call it intimate

Although no contact is allowed

The goal being to promote for me a kind of

Neutral thinking and advice, constant advice

The kind that I need right now here on the porch

Where I review the arrangements …

Now if they can sit on my six green chairs separately

Appearing one by one, as I think it will,

Anyone can sit anywhere, because as I pointed out

All the chairs look exactly the same on the green lawn

I’m not sure why it’s so important

That the chairs are the same, for clearly

I don’t want all six arrivals to be the same

Being cut from the same mold, saying the same old things

I actually need them to get six different points of view

About my life, the choices that I will make today

And in the days to come that I will love

And that I will run away, who helps, who ignores

Even if I live or die, a choice, if you think about it,

Who is operational at the biomechanical level

From second to second, from moment to moment, well, of course

So much is at stake, so much is to discuss

A diversity of points of view seems critical to me

If an approach, consensus or even useful

Advice or guidelines will be forthcoming.

Once I had seven chairs together

But one collapsed, the one now in the shed

But that’s okay, an odd number was never needed

Like a vote was never meant to be taken

And the six seem right to me, actually quite perfect

Six chairs, possibly like the ones originally used

For a little rest after each of the six days of creation?

Where a little nap, a nap after the daily efforts

Was taken before the official day of rest, and why not?

Just because we don’t know?

That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen

After all it’s so beautiful here this morning

So bright and fresh, so much to coordinate

That’s why this morning’s rally is so critical

Why the chairs should be installed so

A mishmash of different chairs, an old rocker

Or the one with the broken arms who could be dragged

From the shed, that wouldn’t be good at all

For all the reasons I explained

They would decrease the effort to be made

A mismatched or mismatched choice could

Threaten the hope that their presence brings

And that’s why the six green chairs are sitting

On the wet green lawn this morning

In their circle of patients, waiting, with me.

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