Garden work to do now: buy garden furniture and add structure

Hollie Newton, Creative Director at grow shared the gardening jobs Brits can do this weekend. The gardening expert told exclusively that there are plenty of ‘simple things’ gardeners can do now, like ‘mow the grass’. She also said now is the time to clear the garden of debris, twigs and anything that the winter weather may have left in the garden.

Hollie said that once she mows the lawn and removes all the debris, she no longer feels “overwhelmed.”

Gardening pro Sproutl also shared several other tasks Brits could do in the garden now:

Garden furniture

Hollie said it was a good time to buy garden furniture and start planning the layout of outdoor spaces.

She said: “I think a lot of the things you can do now are the ‘big stuff’.

“How you bring out the inside and how you start to treat the garden as a room.

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“Now is the time to buy outdoor furniture. Everyone leaves it too late, then you go buy it and it’s all sold out.

“So now get some outdoor furniture.

“There is also a lot of modern furniture now. It used to be just rattan, but now there are corner sofas, bistro sets, pendant lights egg chairs – There is so much.

“It doesn’t have to be a formal dining set, it can be very relaxed.”

Hollie said it was also a good time to invest in “fun things”.

For those who don’t need to buy garden furniture or don’t have the budget to buy new furniture this year, that means buying accessories like lanterns, lights and umbrellas.

She said: ‘You don’t have to have professional wired lighting, you can have some nice solar ones that you plant in the ground.

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Hollie said there was more time to do these jobs now because there was more light.

She said, “Is there an area that needs a path?”

“Or if you want to have something like raised beds, now is the time to build them.

“Or, if you fancy an arch in the garden, now is the perfect time to install it and buy some climbers.

“Any of the structural elements.”

Add color

Painting is an affordable way to add a splash of color and interest to a garden.

Fences, sheds, arches, and even old wooden furniture can all be easily painted.

Hollie said: “If you have a shed that has seen better days or even a new shed, if you paint them they suddenly become a real feature of the garden.”

Sproutl recently launched Sproutl Collections which offer a simple solution to some of the most common gardening problems.

Sproutl Collections draws from thousands of plants and pots on the site to give customers an easy and organized choice to pick and mix.

The filters then help create bespoke solutions to help gardeners quickly select the perfect combination of plants and pots for any location.

Hollie said: “With everyday life transformed by the pandemic and more and more Britons continuing to work primarily from home in a hybrid way, gardening has seen its biggest boom ever with thousands of new people stepping into in gardening.

“Our mission is to make gardening easy, and Sproutl collections are designed to make anyone an instant gardening pro.”

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