Get vaccinated or lose your job, say furniture makers

Three of West Michigan’s largest furniture makers are requiring their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in response to President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate.

MillerKnoll, Haworth and Steelcase companies require all employees to be fully immunized by December 8, 2021. All three companies are major suppliers of office furniture to the US government, and the companies have made the decision to maintain this. activity.

“The United States federal government recently issued a vaccine mandate, Executive Order 14042, for all federal contractors,” according to a statement from Haworth. “Many US-based companies, including major furniture manufacturers, must comply with this executive order.

Haworth has a significant amount of business that is covered by this order and this business is completed by excellent members on all sites. In order to protect these jobs, Haworth will comply with this order. “

Going forward, the company said, workers will need to provide proof of vaccination or have a medical or religious exemption as a condition of employment with Haworth before the Dec.8 deadline.

MillerKnoll Inc., which said it was the largest supplier of office furniture to the U.S. government, also said the company is adhering to the mandate that requires employees to comply with the executive order on time.

MillerKnoll is offering employees up to four hours of paid time off to get vaccinated.

“There will be medical and religious exemptions but those who refuse to be vaccinated will no longer be employed,” the statement said.

In a statement, Steelcase Inc. said that “it is company policy to work in full cooperation with the agencies that regulate our business to ensure that we comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

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