Keep furniture out of landfills with help from Inhabitr

Making changes to reverse global warming and reduce waste requires a shift in our consumer mindset. Keeping products in service longer, recycling by finding new owners for the items, and keeping an item in good condition are all ways to limit loads headed to landfills. This is especially true with furniture. To solve the problem, Inhabitr offers a high-tech solution for a very basic concept: furniture sharing.

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Using a cloud-based system, Inhabitr monitors inventories of all types of furniture and home decor components. Customers can then locate furniture for short-term or long-term use. With a focus on designer-quality pieces and on-trend designs, Inhabitr caters not only to homeowners and renters, but also to commercial businesses, property developers, and hospitality sectors, such as hotels and the restaurants.

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Furniture filling a living room with a large window.

Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of furniture, Inhabitr strives to keep furniture and accessories in circulation for as long as possible. Their service even offers inventory, delivery, and installation options. Most deliveries arrive within a few days as Inhabitr has warehouses spread across the country.

Furniture filling a living room with a dark gray accent wall.

Beyond furniture for each room, the database provides access to dishes, rugs, artwork, and televisions. Once your rental is over, Inhabitr will also collect the items and clean or repair them as needed before making them available again in the cloud for others to use.

Furniture filling a living room.

While furniture rental is an option, customers can also purchase used or new furniture and select items for rent-to-own. In addition to moving parts between customers, Inhabitr connects with major retailers, liquidators, wholesalers, and manufacturers with excess inventory. These connections allow Inhabitr to support independent businesses and reduce waste by adding these items to its cloud for continued use. Since inhabitr’s inception, the company reports that it has passed $5 million worth of furniture that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. Inhabitr has seen substantial growth, even during the pandemic, showing consumer support for sustainable interior design options.

Furniture filling a dining/kitchen space.

“If you have no way to let used furniture get back into the mainstream, you will never solve the landfill problem,” said Ankur Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Inhabitr. “Through our technology, we’re creating a way that every consumer who wants to use a sofa for, say, a year, and wants to trade it in for another sofa, will have the ability to place their furniture in our cloud. Our cloud will then put it back in someone else’s home while allowing people to get the design aesthetic they are looking for and be able to create fair value for that sofa.

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