Millthorpe Museum volunteers received grant for new office furniture | Blayney Chronicle

One thing most community groups have in common is the struggle to keep their volunteers coming back week after week.

For more than five decades, the Millthorpe and District Historical Society has managed the Golden Memories Museum in Millthorpe, and in recent years the site has grown to eight buildings.

To serve visitors, a new office has been constructed at the front of the main building and Calare member Andrew Gee visited the museum on Monday to announce that $ 4,498 will be made available to the company to help set up the office. and buy a piece of life saving apparatus.

“It’s amazing that the museum is run and managed by a team of volunteers who, on top of that, also had to deal with forced closures, reduced number of visitors and minimal income for almost two years. “, did he declare.

“This grant will help them buy new office equipment, including a computer, ergonomic chairs and a defibrillator.”

Museum collections director Hayley Lavers said the grant would make the area safe and comfortable for their volunteers.

“This will provide safe and easy-to-use equipment and remove old furniture and second-hand and third-hand equipment,” she said.

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