No good furniture left behind

Martin-Spencer chose to create mirror images of the decals, rather than an identical match.

This the house came together seamlessly when i received a container of beautiful furniture and accessories to create a primary residence for a returning resident. By applying my expertise to selecting and hanging wallpapers, selecting paint colors, creating the best placement of furniture, accessories and artwork and a brand new remodeled kitchen, the space was well on its way.

As for the home office, an expanded room next to the master suite, it had to be furnished with leftover, unused pieces from the general space. We had two existing chairs which were black and white, and hardly complemented the new color scheme of the rich dark aubergine walls, contrasting with the crisp, creamy whites of the wooden architrave, floating shelves and shag rug , so I reupholstered the existing chairs in a soft ivory, created a tufted button detail on the inside of the chair back, to match the existing leather office chair, and to really add that glamorous drama that the client and I love it so much, I added embroidered flower decals.

I’ve had these parts for years, just waiting for the perfect part to upgrade, and that was it. Coincidentally, the rug in the bedroom had all the colors of the embroidery and added that perfect touch to the backs of the chairs to complete the look.

Black and white chairs Before the Renaissance

Thus, the chairs intended for storage have received an ASHUp (Angelie Spencer Home Upholstery).

The chairs weren’t the only pieces to be reborn, the desk they now sit in front of has also undergone a huge transformation from dark mahogany to a modern matte white. They received an even further update when I swapped out the old handles for new modern glam gold handles, and also added the gold detailing to the front and side panels of the desk.

The trick to successfully transforming a dark spot into white:

• Is to first sand the wood to remove the lacquer finish.

• Next, coat the wooden piece with a primer. This will prevent any stain or wood grain from seeping into the white color.

• Make sure you have a smooth surface before applying the white as any imperfections will show.

This app is great for so many old and dated pieces of furniture, to give them a modern update.

What was a very beautiful, but quite dated 20 year old office, has undergone a fabulous transformation and rebirth to a feminine, modern glam finish and has found a new home.

The superb chairs AFTER their transformation

Upholstery backing in a contrasting dark bronze pops against the ivory chenille.

The mahogany desk before the renaissance

Make sure you have a smooth surface before applying the white, as any imperfections will show.

Gold handles add a modern glam touch to the pure white desk.

The revival of old pieces, now brand new

Angelie Spencer Home (ASH) Director Angelie Martin-Spencer

Drawer pulls used as decorative decals (Angelie Martin-Spencer)

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