Pinch combines classic materials with minimal shapes for bedroom furniture

Dezeen showroom: London-based design studio Pinch has added three new products to its collection of wooden bedroom furniture, which it hopes will be passed down from generation to generation.

Newly added products include two single beds and a lounge chair, while two existing products in the Pinch bedroom line have been updated to smaller sizes.

Each piece has been designed to provide “the perfect sleeping space”, and is characterized by its application of simple but striking shapes with quality materiality and finish.

“As has always been the case, when we design, we think about how we want to live and what we want to surround ourselves with,” said founders Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon.

“We’re still obsessed with space and our intention is to keep our pieces light and effortless, but with layers of interest and subtle details to add dimensionality and richness.”

Pinch adds new products to its bedroom furniture collection

The Moreau single bed features an upholstered headboard and frame with a soft, wavy shape, available in solid European oak with white oiled finish feet or in solid black American walnut with transparent oiled finish feet.

The Christo single bed, on the other hand, leaves its wooden frame exposed, with a pointed curved headboard crafted from a choice of solid oak or walnut with a light oil finish.

Pinch adds new products to its bedroom furniture collection

The third addition to the bedroom furniture series is the Merrell Chair, described by the studio as “a piece for generous bedroom spaces that many of us can only dream of, though some are lucky enough to be. to have some”.

The sculptural daybed is supported by oak or walnut wood legs and can be upholstered in various Pinch fabrics.

Pinch adds new products to its bedroom furniture collection

As Pinch and Bannon explain, the bedroom collection seems simple at first glance, but in fact it was designed and crafted with “thoughtful proportions and architectural rigor” that required special attention – or an “obsession.” “- for conservation.

“We’re not interested in creating a need to continually replace and update furniture – furniture is an investment and a commitment,” the duo said.

“Furniture has to last and at this level of manufacture it has to be passed down through generations and be desired by generations.

Pinch adds new products to its bedroom furniture collection

Other products, including the Joyce dresser and the Lana II dressing table, have been updated and resized “in a constant search for perfection”.

The dresser has been refined with four to three wood-lined drawers, each with traditional dovetail joints. Available in oak or walnut, the exterior can be finished in a choice of in-house lacquers or can be matched to a customer’s paint reference.

Pinch also updated her dressing table Lana to have “a more modest footprint.” It features a lockable drawer with an internal divider and is topped with a psychedelic tilting mirror, finished with bronzed rivets.

The new or updated designs join Pinch’s existing bedroom furniture collection, which includes the Frey wardrobe, Moreau double bed and bench, Christo canopy bed, Clyde double bed and side table.

Last year, the London-based studio launched six pieces of furniture and lighting as part of its 15th anniversary, ranging from a dining table and stackable stool to a sofa and four-poster bed.

Each of the pieces is designed to demonstrate the minimal style of the studio through strong forms and craftsmanship.

Some products: Moreau single bed, Christo single bed, Merrell chaise longue
Designate: Pinch
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