Sweeping changes signal a new era in buying office furniture online

When a visitor lands on the homepage (www.madisonliquidators.com), they are greeted by an entirely new and attractive web design that offers substance to match the crisp new style. Additions beyond the design include trending products, easy-to-access popular categories, and a full list of product brands that Madison Liquidators carries.

The biggest change to the portal is the addition of a new search engine which is now the primary method of navigation. This engine not only features the most relevant products for customers, but also informative blog posts written by industry professionals and designed to help customers through the information phase of the buying process. The engine implementation is a major upgrade from the traditional directory browsing experience that Madison Liquidators previously offered and forms the foundation for the future of the company.

Another website update is the inclusion of suggested products that will work seamlessly with the products the customer is interested in. Not only are these suggestions made on the main product pages, but the inclusion of a “More Options” button presents customers with a comprehensive list of accessories that the team at Madison Liquidators suggests for a given product. This option was added to ensure that customers receive the correct office furniture and do not have to guess which products are ascetically compatible with the item they are purchasing. Matching and consistent office furniture products throughout the customer’s space are guaranteed.

With this rollout, Madison Liquidators seeks to solidify itself as a key player in the office furniture industry. From concept to implementation, the team at Madison Liquidators focused on customer needs and empowered them to easily find and purchase office furniture that meets the needs of their space. The specialists at Madison Liquidators are ready to be the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding office furniture.

SOURCE Madison Liquidators

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