The best online furniture stores to visit now

Thanks to two years of being largely cocooned at home, the interior market is booming. Online furniture stores are launching at a difficult pace to keep up – from small vintage sellers listing hand-picked finds to established retailers boosting their digital presence.

While our parents’ generation might still balk at the idea of ​​buying an important investment piece like a sofa based on what it looks like on a screen – or ordering a mattress without lying on it. – for computer scientists, it’s as complicated -free as ordering a Deliveroo. (Remember, you can order samples of virtually any piece of furniture to test it out in your space first, and major retailers allow returns if, for a variety of reasons, what happens really isn’t what you expected – just be sure to read the fine print on large articles).

The problem is not in the act of buying, but in knowing where and what to look for in a crowded space. If you don’t know a kantha from Kartell, don’t worry – this Vogue-approved guide will provide you with insider knowledge on where to buy for the best your budget allows. From main street stalwarts offering basic handbag-friendly solutions to specialty marketplaces for one-of-a-kind finds, the current generation of online furniture stores cater to all tastes, even the seasoned thrifty.

Our homes, regardless of size and scale, have had to work harder than ever recently (raise your hand if your hallway is always moonlighting as an office?). And we know how much those little pick-me-ups — like pretty glasses and punchy tablecloths — bring everyday joy, so we’ve added our favorite spots for those non-essentials, too.

What to consider when buying furniture online

The rule of thumb is to take action, then take it back – and get someone else to do it for you, if you can. There’s nothing quite like the anxiety of a giant van that pulls up on double yellow lines outside your front door only to keep its contents from crossing the threshold.

Many big retailers, like Made and John Lewis, have buying guides on their websites that can be tapped for proven points to consider (even if you don’t plan to buy from there). The latter’s guides are comprehensive and cover everything from measuring cabinets to selecting the right office furniture.

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