The best time to buy patio furniture for your outdoor space

Q: I’m looking for new patio furniture for my garden, but I don’t have much in my budget. Can you tell me when to look for discounts and what months are the best times to buy patio furniture?

A: Like anything else, you never have to pay top dollar for patio furniture unless you absolutely must have a specific set, color, and model. Unfortunately, the best time to buy patio furniture doesn’t mean you’ll get exactly what you want. This means you could get something very similar, at an affordable price. Take a look at the timelines below to determine how much risk you’re willing to take waiting for the best deal versus getting that ensemble you’ve been eyeing all summer.

In August and September, most stores empty summer inventory.

Don’t expect discounts during the summer months or in the height of the season. This is the perfect time for garden renovations and outdoor barbecues. But, in August, with September fast approaching and everyone preparing for life to “return to normal,” the sales kick in.

For those whose budgets can afford 20% off the regular price, now might be the time to buy as you’ll find more inventory and stand a better chance of getting the patio set. of your dreams. If you wait until September, you could get 50% off, if your items are still in stock.

Of course, nothing says you have to buy everything all at once. If you absolutely want one or more items and are ready to buy at 20% off, go for it. You can expect bigger discounts down the road for other furniture on the list.

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Best time to buy patio furniture

In late October, you can often find deep discounts on patio furniture.

In October, you can save up to 70%, which means splurging on big-ticket items at affordable prices. Stores want to free up floor space for winter stock and they need to sell off leftover patio furniture.

Remember that as stocks run low, the items available may not be the perfect yard you’ve been imagining all summer. But who said that everything had to fit together perfectly? Unexpected finds can add character to your garden or porch.

And, if you want something that you know will be available again next year, buy as many pieces as you can get at 70% off and wait until next summer to buy the rest. It’s always smart shopping.

Best time to buy patio furniture

Don’t miss the January sales as stores kick off the new year.

New Year’s Eve promotions are always a good time to be on the lookout for a bargain. Search physical stores to see if they have any unique items from the previous season. You can also try searching online to see if you can find any discounts.

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Online sales can get you deep discounts in February.

Some physical stores may start carrying spring and summer items in February, but online is still your best bet for this time of year. You can often find items cheaper online than in stores due to an online manufacturer’s lack of overhead.

Like a physical store, online retailers need to make room for new inventory. It might not be for the selling floor, but the items are still taking up space in their warehouses, which makes February a great time to shop online as they too want to stock up for the new season.

Best time to buy patio furniture

Keep an eye out for Earth Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and other holiday sales.

On Earth Day and Memorial Day, everyone’s eyes sparkle with anticipation of summer. If there is any stock left over from last year, it will be flagged and you can assess the new stock and see if you are lucky with any sales.

Around Labor Day, everyone prepares for the start of the school year and thinks about wrapping up the summer. Campers go home; cabin trips end for the year. And stores are starting to think about making room for fall and winter inventory. You may be able to find items marked 50% off – yay!.

People love bargains and people love to shop, especially on holidays. They flood malls and online stores – everyone wants a deal. It’s always a good idea to look for holiday sales.

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