The Massproductions chair is slow furniture at its best

The founders of Massproductions have created a slow furniture company that cares not only about style and functionality, but also long-term furniture durability. The company is sustainable from design to production to shipping. And their 4PM chair takes that idea to the next level, creating a comfortable lounge chair with connected footstool.

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“We’re in no rush here at Massproductions, because being slow isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” the designers said. “At Massproductions, we pride ourselves on thinking twice before launching a new piece of furniture on the market. Even if that means we only develop a few products each year.

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A wooden lounge chair in a minimalist bedroom

Massproductions has created a new service called the Face Lift Network, a recommended group of upholsterers in 12 different markets. The idea is to encourage customers to find help locally for their furniture repairs and to prevent them from throwing away usable furniture.

As a result, Massproductions created a series called The Crown Jewels. They took eight worn Crown chairs and commissioned four artists to reinterpret and restore the chairs. The company will continue to partner with artists to create works of art from used furniture, showing the value and beauty of reusing old furniture.

A wooden deck chair close up

At the end of 2020, Massproductions started to count the CO2 emissions of its full range of products. This process is a partnership with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology “to develop a tool for identifying greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of our furniture. Three aspects of the production process have been identified as contributors to emissions: materials, electricity and transportation,” according to their website. Massproductions continued this work with the Danish company MALBAR to fully green the entire production chain.

A wooden lounge chair sitting behind a large glass window

What could move this step forward? Founder Chris Martin wanted to create a comfortable lounge chair that fits into a public environment, without unnecessary padding that would eventually need to be replaced. Martin chose to reupholster only the headrest, leaving the rest of the chair in an ergonomic shape that would still provide comfort.

A wooden lounge chair in a minimalist courtyard

The 4PM chair is available in Douglas fir and cherry. It also has curved and flat surfaces, with a narrow footrest portion to allow the user’s feet to fit comfortably sideways as needed.

The ottoman is also horizontal to serve as a seating area or table surface. It is a versatile design that creates a durable seating option, even for high traffic areas. Easy to clean, you won’t have to throw it away after a few years of heavy use. The leather headrest is adjustable and held in place by an enclosed steel weight.

A wooden lounge chair leaning against a wall

So whether it’s for your own home or a public space, the 4PM chair or any of Massproductions products will create a durable furniture option.

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