These Hyderabad-based artists design all kinds of furniture with resin

Modern Fossil Art

Like Baltic amber, epoxy resin (liquid resin that solidifies) can preserve everything we love for years and years to come. Maybe even for generations. Using this simple expoy resin we can keep the flower from our first date without squeezing it between the book and maybe use it as a paperweight. There’s plenty more to do with epoxy – available at many craft stores around town. Meet these artists from the city, who make dining tables, chairswall clocks, and much more by infusing them with wood.

Marzia Ali has continued to experiment with epoxy resin since 2016 as a hobbyist and is currently focusing on preserving living flowers. “After three months of experimenting during lockdown, I’ve finally added live flower preservation to my catalog. Customers get the flowersand I try to keep it as they imagine it – a paperweight, a bookmark or just keepsakes,” says Marzia Ali, who also offers a three-month ink art course. resin and alcohol.

Like most resin artists, Marzia was inspired by resin artists on instagram. She later started small by exhibiting at flea markets and gained a following of fans. After years of hard work in her studio and experimenting with perfection, she began workshops at the end of 2019. “My first medium was watercolor, followed by acrylic paint and alcohol ink. I got commissions from architecture and interior design companies in the city for resin art,” she says, who makes beautiful little resin things. But meet Prashanth Adimoolam, who took the art to the next level. He makes resin furniture and started a business called Epoxy Furnishings.

Prashanth is mainly specialized in the manufacture of tables combining wood and resin. “Most people are looking for good quality wooden blocks. I seek the worst. Because the more porous the wood, the more cavities it has, the more textured it is, the better the workmanship,” says Prashanth. “Epoxy revives wood,” he adds.
“I started this business during the first wave when I was looking for a perfect coffee table. I thought why not make my own,” Prashanth says. lawn, watches and cutting boards. Based on the requests, I started donating my furniture pieces an Italian look which is a mix of granite and resin since granite is solid on its own, it makes epoxy all the more sublime.

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