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Today I want to share with you the POWER of FOCUS.

What does it mean?

Let’s say you want to focus on gardening. OK, this is a good niche. It’s a popular niche. I’m just using that as an example. You can choose boxing or auto repair – whatever you’ve identified as your niche (we’ve covered this before as well).

But “gardening” is really a general category. It may be specific to something else, but the “Gardening” category is a general category.

Your podcast could just be about “gardening” and then you could cover different aspects of gardening.

Or you can focus on just one aspect and become the expert in that area.

For example, there could be indoor gardening; Outdoor gardening; Rock gardens; vegetable gardens; Flower gardens; Patio Gardens and I could go on and on.

How can you market this to your specific target audience?

Well, for a lot of podcasters, they want to use advertising. Which is good – if you do it right.

What I see with most new business owners and podcasters are ads that look like their competition. And they all look almost exactly the same!

They’ll say things like “The best service” and there will be their photo or logo. There will be a list of services or products they offer and then a link to their podcast. They’ll list things, let’s stick with gardening as an example, they’ll list things like:

landscape bricks; four different types of mulch; topsoil; pre-fertilized soil; fertilizer; bird net; net for animals; vegetable seeds; vegetable transplants; planters; etc.

Then there will be their podcast website saying something like “We discuss all of these topics and more to help you grow your garden! “

You can put whatever niche you want there and put all the products and services that you would normally advertise there. You might have even tried ads like this.

The problem, as we saw about the archer shooting arrows in the fog, you really aren’t aiming for anything!

Here is what you should do. Pick ONE subject and use it in the ad.

A zone. ONE, not two. Just one.

For example:

Gardening on the terrace. Have multiple podcast episodes that only deal with that aspect of your niche.

Use this information in your ad.

You can put something like “We are the patio gardening experts. If you are thinking of creating a patio garden, listen to our podcast for some great tips on creating your patio garden.

Then in the podcast, you may have a call to action such as “Give us a call and we’ll help you prepare for success” or something similar. I’m just doing this out of the blue. You can phrase it appropriately for your niche.

But that would be all! Nothing else. No other product or service.

You can put a photo of a patio garden in the ad and set it as a photo for your episodes. You can put this photo on your website.

Then you split the test from the ad …

If you don’t get any response with the website listing; change it to an email address and run it again.

If you get responses with only one way to run the ad, edit JUST A LITTLE bit in the description of the product or service, maybe a word or two at most. Then run it again …

Change the photo. Then run it again.

Change the colors used. Then run it again.

If the responses drop, edit it and run it again.

You do this until you have the listing that gives you the best results for “Patio Gardens”.

Then you repeat the same process with another zone. In Gardening, you could run, Vegetables. Choose a type of vegetable and start the process again.

If you’ve done a week of episodes in each area with one classified ad every week, by the end of the year you will likely have 8-10 well-tested ads that get you great responses.

These can be used over and over again.

If you are marketing in the city, patio gardens are probably the way to go. You can have guests on the podcast to give advice on setting up patio gardens!

Instead of marketing to all the different types of gardens available and hoping someone is listening to you, talk to ONE PERSON ONLY. And don’t confuse them with too many options. Confusion will amount to no action at all!

Talk to ONE person in ONE niche category and offer ONE product.

Let your competition handle the long list of services. Become known as the SPECIALIST, in this example, “Patio Gardens”. Anytime someone thinks about creating a patio garden, they should be thinking about your podcast!

Like I said, there are other services and products that you can offer as well – but your advertising, at least in the beginning, should focus on ONE THING – driving traffic to your podcast with targeted marketing to the audience you want. .

Take a look at the niche you have chosen and determine which UNIQUE area you are going to market. Then start formulating your ad.

By staying focused on talking directly to that person in a segment of your niche, with just one post, you will start to see the number of downloads start to increase in your podcast stats and eventually drive additional traffic to your site. Web!

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