Trader Boys offers the largest selection of office furniture in Los Angeles

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Los Angeles, CA January 15, 2022 ( – Since 1949, Trader Boys has stood the test of time to provide quality furniture for your office. What started as a neighborhood furniture and appliance store for the dad with a vision grew into something much bigger.

The family tradition continues with the third generation holding the fort to give customers that classic feel of yesteryear, but with a modern twist of showcasing the latest trends in new office furniture. They keep up to date with the latest news by attending office furniture conventions and visiting manufacturers’ office furniture factories.

From space planning and design services to high-end delivery and installation, they’re involved every step of the way to help you get the best possible product and service. It’s no wonder they’ve lasted 73 years and maintained their status as a generational brand. They have evolved from a buy, sell and trade business into something timeless. Here are some things to check out at Trader Boys.

Spatial planning

The Trader Boys are space management experts. When arranging the space, they take into account different things:

  • Efficient use of space
  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • Requirements for workers
  • Building codes and regulations
  • electricity location
  • Private life
  • Bathrooms, hallways and main entrance

An unlimited selection of laminate, wood, steel and standing height desks are available in custom sizes to fit your space. Not to mention hundreds of executive and ergonomic chair options in all fabrics and colors, conference tables, fire-resistant filing cabinets, and more.

For collaborative spaces, standing-height desks are popular. Teams may need to place their monitors next to each other during group projects to compare notes. Trader Boys creates a space that encourages team effort.

Businesses need options and examples to help them create the vision they want for their business. Whether it’s a start-up or a multi-level build, no job is too big or too small for Trader Boys to tackle.

Premium delivery

Trader Boys’ services, like premium delivery and installation, are efficient and fast. Businesses that lack the resources and time management to dismantle their old office furniture and deliver it to the landfill, rely on Trader Boys for such services. If disruptions from business meetings are an issue, after-hours deliveries are a popular option. Plus, their fully insured installation team brings peace of mind.

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