Unleash vital flexibility with sliding solutions

Fabricators, carpenters and installers could open up huge new opportunities with sliding doors, as homeowners now need their kitchens to be flexible enough for multiple uses and suitable for all members of the home.

Socializing, working from home, and exercising are among the most popular activities consumers can do in their kitchens, outside of the kitchen, according to new research. The conclusions of Häfele Francewhich surveyed 2,009 homeowners across the UK, found that 15% of homeowners wanted to be able to change the function of the room on demand, for example closing off areas to hide clutter or changing the use of the space.

In the study, 42% of respondents said they disliked not being able to enclose different parts of their kitchen space, while 43% said they thought the plan layouts were broken – those that have the ability to close and open different areas. the use of structures, such as sliding doors, is a better use of space. However, 33% of people admitted to not knowing how to create a zoned layout for different activities.

Sliding doors are a key tool for creating physical and visual connections in a space, as well as carving out specific areas for designated purposes through split plane designs. A great alternative to traditional hinged doors, interior sliding and folding doors save space and are ideal for creating flexible and versatile rooms by dividing up larger, open layouts or concealing certain areas.

And there are plenty of sliding door design and installation tips that can be used to maximize kitchen functionality, depending on the needs of the household – whether it’s creating a hidden home office, integrate a games room which can be closed at the end of the day or closure of the laundries.

Straight sliding doors can be installed in different ways in the house; When used in open-plan living spaces, straight sliding doors can divide a large space into smaller, separate rooms. Pocket doors, which slide into a recess in a wall, achieve the same result but require less floor and wall space, making them particularly effective when working with larger floor plans. compact.

Meanwhile, folding sliding doors are a modern, stylish and practical alternative. Sometimes called internal folding doors, internal folding sliding doors are usually made up of two to six doors, which are connected together using a sliding door mechanism. These systems allow the doors to fold back on themselves like an accordion. When not in use they don’t take up too much floor space and when in action they can close off areas like kitchenettes whilst acting as a great design feature.

To help the industry achieve brilliant designs, and with one of the largest ranges of sliding doors in the UK, Häfele have developed their free sliding door specification service to get the best solution for every project. Users simply submit a high-level design of a required door space and dimensions, and the Häfele team will compile a materials list and quote.

Even better, the service can be used with Häfele to Order, where all sliding door gears can be cut, assembled, packaged, labeled and shipped as needed. Overall, it offers one of the most efficient sliding door gear services available on the market today.


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