Where and when to shop to save money on furniture and bedding

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Did you know there are money saving tips when buying furniture and bedding? Different times of the year generate sales for these categories, which can make things a little easier on your wallet. And, there are times you’ll want to avoid because the prices will be higher.

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Plus, various retailers have reliable sales for certain holidays that you’ll want to know about so you never spend too much money on furniture or bedding again. Know when to shop to spruce up your home decor and you can save hundreds or more. Find out what to look for the next time you want to buy furniture or update your bedding.

Shop in February or August for furniture

The best time to buy furniture is when new furniture hits the showroom. Typically, furniture stores do this in late winter and late summer, which makes February and August good times to look. Stores are trying to sell last year’s furniture, so they will markdown on last year’s models.

August, in particular, brings great deals on office furniture, not just because of back-to-school sales, but because of an office furniture conference taking place in the fall. Prior to the conference, stores try to sell off much of their office furniture knowing that new styles will be announced at the event. You can save hundreds of dollars off the original price by visiting the store during these months.

Some stores still have Presidents’ Day sales

Another reason to shop in February includes the sales some retailers will have each year. Stores like IKEA, Ashley Furniture and Williams-Sonoma will have Presidents’ Day sales, and sometimes even Valentine’s Day sales, every year. You can get great deals on furniture and bedding if you plan to shop at these stores in February.

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Shop off season

This trick works for most items, but especially for furniture and bedding. If it’s not in season, there is no demand, so prices will go down. This means you should buy patio furniture in the dead of winter and a super warm duvet in the summer.

End of season sales are also a great opportunity to grab some great deals on items that are about to drop out of the season. Stores try to make room for items that are in high demand, so they are likely to have sales on off-season items.

Hit the holiday sales

Along with Presidents Day, Labor Day is known to be one of the biggest selling days of the year for furniture stores. If you’re on the hunt for new pieces for your home, spend some time during your three-day weekend at a furniture retailer to check out markdowns.

Certain periods also mean better deals for specific pieces of furniture. For example, recliners tend to go on sale around Father’s Day, and dining sets will be cheaper during the Labor Day sales, since it’s close to the holidays. Big box stores like Walmart and Target are also known to have huge holiday sales (especially Black Friday), so you can get great deals on furniture and bedding during those times.

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Know about industry holidays, such as “Way Day”

There are holidays to celebrate beyond those on the calendar. For example, May is “Best Sleep Month”. Stores like Tuft & Needle and Purple have been known to cut prices during this month or add free sheets with mattress purchases. Wayfair also has “Way Day”, which actually lasts a few days and is the biggest sale of the year with select items 80% off. This year, Way Day is April 28-29, so mark your calendars for deals on furniture and bedding.

January is also known as a great time to buy bedding, as stores try to sell what they didn’t sell over the holidays. Stores like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Brooklinen, and Bed Bath & Beyond hold white sales during this month, where you’ll find sales of sheets, comforters, and other bedding essentials. Thus, now is the perfect time to buy premium bedding because you are getting it at a low price and it will last you longer.

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