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Jacksonville is best known as the largest city in the United States, however, the Sunshine State also has a variety of modern furniture stores with different specialties.

Jacksonville, commonly referred to as JAX by locals, is the Sunshine State known to be the largest city in the continental United States. However, there is so much more to JAX for anyone looking to relocate or for a quick vacation. From the perfect weather to the variety of beaches, restaurants and tourist spots, there is something for everyone. Yet a fact that is sometimes overlooked is the wide array of furniture stores that have a range of modern designs available for purchase.

The city has hundreds of furniture stores, from popular and commercial furniture stores to antique and small furniture stores. There is something for everyone. However, there are still signage furniture stores in the city, despite selling a variety of furniture. Each of these stores has different bestsellers, which customers specifically venture out to buy.

Five of the most touted modern furniture stores

Jacksonville Furniture Mart (for seating options)

Located at 9230 Atlantic Boulevard, in Jacksonville, Florida, and arguably Jacksonville’s top-rated furniture shopping destination, the Jacksonville Furniture Mart has been one of the city’s oldest furniture destinations, since its inception in 1946. The company is a family business, since its creation over 70 years ago. The store offers a variety of furnishing options for any room in the house. However, the store is touted for its line of sofas, recliners, loveseats, ottomans, and sectionals.

Additionally, the companies’ payment offerings range from convenient payment options, interest-free financing options, and pickup and delivery services. Besides the Jacksonville flagship store, the Jacksonville Furniture Mart also serves surrounding areas including Gainesville, Palm Coast, and Fernandina Beach.

Ashley Homestore (for living room, dining room and bedroom furniture)

Located on 4621 River City Drive, St Johns Town Center, Jacksonville Florida, Ashley Homestore is one of the most popular furniture destinations in Jacksonville having been established in 1945. The Furniture Store Ethics Provide Best Value in Furniture and mattress. However, the specialty of the furniture store is its line of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. The company is also touted for putting its employees first by developing them. The goal is to produce high-end quality furniture for their customers.

The price of the furniture ranges from affordable to fair on their more high end furniture offerings. As a result of this philosophy, the store has numerous branches outside of Jacksonville with an estimated total of over 1,025 stores in over 60 countries around the world.

American Signature Furniture (for bedding furniture and beds)

Located at 9400 Atlantic Boulevard, Suite 100A, Jacksonville, Florida, American Signature Furniture is also billed as one of Jacksonville’s oldest furniture stores, having been established in 1948. The business is a family-owned furniture store, with over 60 years in the business. The store is renowned for selling high quality furniture that can fit any budget. Plus, it’s touted specifically for its bedding furniture, including headboards, dresser, bedside tables, benches, and mattresses.

As for the payment options offered by American Signature Furniture, they range from convenient payment options and interest-free financing, pickup and delivery services. Not only that, but the store serves surrounding areas including Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Sawgrass, Mayport, Oceanway, Nocatee, Fernandina Beach.

Jax mattress (for mattress)

Located at 5250 Bowden Rd ste 201, Jacksonville, Florida, Jax Mattress does not have a decades-old history similar to the aforementioned stores. However, in the 11 years since its inception, the company has maintained an A-plus rating and is considered one of the city’s leading mattress, bedding and bedroom furniture stores. The company is owned by sole proprietor Mike McCann.

Since the business is managed by one person, this is believed to be the reason for the low overhead costs of the business and the benefits for the customers. Plus, it offers convenient payment options, interest-free financing, and pickup and delivery services.

J Turner & Co. (for living and office furniture)

Located at 6100 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, Fla., J. Turner & Co. is the youngest company on the list with more than five years of existence, having been established in 2015. Plus, the young company has followed the story. of the aforementioned success. manage businesses by being a family business. In addition, during the five years of the business, she has acquired a dedicated clientele and clientele. Currently, it is rated on average 4.1 / 5, due to its specialty in living and office furniture.

Furniture is touted for its ability to strike a balance between form and function, hence its specialty with living and office furniture. In addition, the price range is presented as medium to high. However, the price is justified due to the quality of the furniture. Although the store is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, it has a showroom in New Sawgrass Village showcasing a range of collections including living room, dining room, bedroom furniture and accessories including home systems. lighting, rugs and wall decorations.

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