Furniture Hacks: Cheap and Easy Furniture Upcycling Trends to Transform Your Home

Furniture trends come and go, and keeping up to date with the latest must-haves can be a costly investment. Perhaps that’s why “upcycling furniture” has seen a boom on social media over the past couple of years, with hundreds of accounts dedicated to DIY makeovers on Instagram alone.

While you may need to invest in new materials, it can breathe new life into old or outdated furniture and help people recreate on-trend interior trends for “a fraction of the price”.

Elaine Penhaul, Director of Lemon and lime interiorstold “Recycling furniture is a great way to save money, as a large piece of furniture is never cheap when buying new.”

The act of upcycling sees people turning unwanted or unused furniture into a visually enhanced quality item – and in many cases people are finding ways to replicate high-end items themselves.

Ms Penhaul said: “There is a lot of nostalgia when it comes to design trends this year and pieces that have stood the test of time will be key to styling our homes.

“We are seeing an upsurge of people buying old pine and ‘brown’ furniture and creating fabulous projects.

“It has the added benefit of ticking the box of sustainability as well.

“Upcycled furniture such as unique umbrella stands, ornate fire screens and plant stands will complement the retro color accents.”

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Stripping obsolete wood furniture with oven cleaner

Whether you’ve got an old wooden piece of furniture tucked away in the corner of the house or you’ve picked up a bargain at a car boot sale or charity shop, Ms. Penhaul says oven cleaner could be your best friend. in terms of recycling.

She explained, “With outdated dark wood and orange furniture like dressers and ornate kitchen drawers, try your luck with oven cleaner.

“It acts as a stripping material and once washed and sanded, these painted pieces return to their natural surface, which looks more authentic and blends in better with modern materials.”

To do this, start by spraying a thick coat of oven cleaner on the wood you want to strip. It should bubble and foam as you spray.

Leave to rest for 15 to 20 minutes, preferably in the shade.

Using a bowl filled with water and dish soap, scrub the item with a soft brush. A stiff brush is likely to scratch and should especially be avoided on delicate items.

Spray item with water until clear, then allow item to dry completely.

Once dry, lightly sand to remove rough spots if necessary.

In some cases, you may want to complete the piece of furniture with a topcoat.

Reuse your old mirrors

If you have a mirror with a nice frame, but you no longer need it, why not turn it into a picture frame?

Ms Penhaul said: “Wooden or metal mirrors can be reused as frames for large paintings or, you can often spray gold paint on old ornate mirrors and rub them with dark wax to give them an aged finish. .”

Give dining chairs a new look

Buying a new set of dining chairs can be a huge investment, but there are ways to give your existing chairs a new look.

The interior expert said: “Try to take old dining chairs back to their basic frame, paint them any color you like – I like to go for a sleek black finish.

“Adjust the base with a foam cushion and cover with a striking material like dark green velvet.

“Buy a rattan strap and tie it tightly around the back and front of the chair back to create your backrest.”

For added flair, Ms. Penhaul also recommends accessorizing your dining table.

She said: “Gather your dressing materials, cut some rattan placemats and choose large dark green stemmed candles to use as centerpieces when you have guests over.”

Revise your wardrobe

Cabinets are another big piece of furniture that can cost hundreds or even thousands to replace.

However, scraps of wallpaper or wooden slats could be useful.

Ms Penhaul said: “Cabinets with internal panels can be covered with wallpaper to create statement items, or alternatively, built-in cabinets can be effectively pieced together by gluing thin strips of wood which you can find in most DIY stores on the front. Top it all off with a new metal door handle.”

Add some eco-style to your home

Eco-style is a design that stems from a worldwide push towards environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The trend sees the use of natural materials, as well as neutral color palettes.

Ms Penhaul says there are easy ways to upcycle existing furniture at home to match the trend without having to go out and buy a whole new item.

She said: “Concrete and eco-living is a pretty big trend right now, so it’s worth considering upcycling old lampshades, mirrors and vases by gluing them to reed-like materials or painting them in a textured concrete to give them new life.

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