A couple transforms broken rattan garden furniture using B&Q supplies

Buying a brand new set of garden furniture can be expensive, so it’s always worth recycling your old one if you can.

This is exactly what one couple did, as they completely transformed their broken rattan garden furniture. Helen Bryant, 51, a charity operations assistant, and John Bryant, 43, a refrigeration engineer, bought their rattan patio furniture in 2016 with the money they received from their wedding.

When the set started to fall apart, Helen and John decided to keep the frame of the old cabinet and repurpose it using Frenchic paint and B&Q supplies. As reported by LatestDeals.co.ukHelen told the DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group: “The rattan had started to chip and crack causing big holes in the seating area.

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“We desperately wanted to keep it because not only was it a gift, but I thought that somehow we could stop it from being put in the tip. Then our neighbor suggested to remove the rattan to see what the frame looked like.

“We did this with the small table and found the frame to be really decent and sturdy. I’ve been using Frenchic paint for a few years now and knew painting the frame would look really nice. We had different ideas of what needed to be used for the seating area, such as pallet boards, scaffolding boards and composite decking. »

Instead of taking the broken rattan garden furniture to the end, the couple decided to recycle it.

Eventually, the couple decided to use B&Q deck boards. Helena continued:[We cut it] size then secure the boards to the frame using black metal screws to match the Frenchic paint. The pain of the transformation removed the thousands of small metal staples with which the rattan was attached to the frame.

“The best way we found was to use a very small screwdriver to hook underneath, but it took forever to remove them. We also took forever to decide how to space the decking boards on the frame, we so we did it by cutting them to size and then trying them on.

“My advice would be to use the small screwdriver and wear gloves and have patience and time. Testing the boards before screwing them together is a very good idea. Try not to use half deck boards but use bigger gaps between the boards.Having bigger gaps at the back of the seat is good because the weight tends to be in the middle and up front.

The couple used decking boards from B&Q.
The couple used decking boards from B&Q.

The transformation cost Helen and John around £150, including paint, screws and decking boards, and they saved money by reusing the cushions the set originally came with. The couple are made up of the results, as Helen explained: “We are both delighted with the end result.

“Not only did we save something that we wanted to keep, but we also saved something from being disposed of and going to landfill. We are truly touched by all of the positive feedback we have received from everyone who has taken the time to comment.

“I posted it online as we are very happy with the end result and wanted to share this idea as I hadn’t seen this anywhere else. If a person just has to peek under their rattan to see its frame before we get rid of its furniture, we can just help the environment while saving some hard-earned money!”

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