Celebrate National Bed Month with our favorite Very bedroom furniture

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  • Celebrate National Bed Month with a makeover – but which theme are you going to try?

    It seems particularly fitting, given the current weather, that March be National Bed Month. Who wouldn’t want to escape #thebeastfromtheeast by getting off ‘to Bedfordshire’ and hibernating under a duvet – or three ?! However, if your room looks less “dreamy” and more “junkyard” then a redesign may be needed first.

    To give your makeover a boost, we offer you three tantalizing models from our Ideal Home collection at Very. We think they’re all equally adorable, but we’re sure you’ll have strong opinions on which ones you prefer.

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    Look 1: Restful country

    Woven materials, floral and striped prints, and classic Shaker-style furniture combine to create that quintessential country look. We’re especially fond of the tapered back bed and its rustic wood finish, and the pretty cut out lamp base.

    Storage is always important, but nowhere more than a bedroom – it’s very difficult to relax when surrounded by clutter. A spacious chest of drawers can serve as a bedside table, while small baskets can be used to store the odds and ends that end up on the bed or the floor …

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    Buy now: Ideal House DUo table lamp, £ 59.99, Very

    Look 2: modern glamor


    Cocoon yourself with walls painted in a dark hue – dark purple, emerald green and midnight blue are all warm colors for 2018. Then add glamor with glass and metallic surfaces. Their reflective nature will balance the darkness by reflecting the light.

    Bold geometric bedding and brightly colored pillows inject ‘modern’ into this glamorous look, while butterfly prints and fresh flowers add femininity.

    Have the look
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    Look 3: Happy Scandi

    Very Scandi Room

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    You can have a bit of fun with this fresh look, with its pops of cool pastel colors and clean lines. The star of the show is the upholstered bed – the generous headboard is great for supporting you while you read a book before bed.

    Try gluing and painting a geometric pattern of color blocks on the walls. Or if that sounds too much of a hassle, layer throws and throw pillows in different shades on the bed. The result is an energizing yet cozy program that prepares you for sweet dreams all year round.

    Have the look
    Buy Now: Ideal Home Harmony Fabric Double Bed Frame, From £ 449, Very
    Buy Now: Perfect Alexa Home Throw, £ 29.99, Very

    Buy Now: Ideal Home Scandi Geo Cushion, £ 14.99, very

    So with this fabulous trio would you like to recreate the most?

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