Garden: incredible transformation with superb furniture and a DIY water feature

Stephanie runs @thecheshiregreyhome where she has more than 80,000 subscribers. The influencer uses her platform to post beautiful snippets of the renovation of her gorgeous home. Recently, the content creator turned to the garden where she created an incredible before and after makeover. She explained how she and her partner created the DIY garden.

Then they placed three large stones on top of each other and used a drill to create a hole through all three.

They placed these stones on a wire mesh and covered the space with smaller stones to cover the mesh.

Stephanie said: “It was actually pretty easy to do once we got the stones in the right position.

“The door was from the Facebook market, the bucket was eBay and the stones were at the bottom of my parents’ garden!”

Another British homeowner recently created an amazing DIY kitchen, which was a Downton Abbey-inspired period kitchen.

Elizabeth who shares her home on @cranstonehouse on Instagram, said Downton was an inspiration to her and loves the “modest utilitarian” style of the famous TV kitchen.

She said: ‘The sets are beautiful and the story is warm – the Downton kitchen is just beautiful in a modest utilitarian way.’

The dark green walls of Elizabeth’s kitchen contrast with the copper fixtures. A large Belfast sink and open shelves give a traditionally vintage look.

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