How to recycle your garden furniture: the six easy transformations

Spring is almost here and we are about to spend a lot more time in our gardens. After a harsh winter, your garden furniture has probably taken a beating. spoke with the team about WeThrift to discover the six ways to transform your old furniture to brighten up your garden.

Decorate plant pots

If you have a lot of plants, a lot of the floor space or walls in your garden are probably taken up with pots.

Decorating your flower pots is a perfect and affordable way to add color and style to space and make your precious plants stand out.

All you have to do is dust the floor and clean the pots thoroughly with soap and water.

Once they’re dry, paint them with garden paint in colors that complement your furniture and plants.

If you’re new to plants, why not make your own pots from old tin cans that you would normally recycle?

The WeThrift team asked: “Remove all labels and poke holes in the bottom of boxes so water can escape.

“Then fill the pots with soil and plant your flowers – choose different colors, shapes and sizes of pots to add definition to your garden.”

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Add a garden mirror

If you have a mirror in your house that you want to get rid of, don’t!

Bring the mirror outside to give your garden an elegant look and a light feel.

The experts said: “Just like adding your indoor cushions to give the garden a feeling of outdoor living space, a mirror adds character and a warm atmosphere to your garden.

“Mirrors reflect sunlight into your garden and give the illusion of a larger space.”

If you don’t have a rearview mirror but like the idea, you can get a used one at a garage sale or charity shop.

wooden ladder

Why the hell would you want a wooden ladder in the garden? Well the scales are
a fashionable way to display your favorite plants.

Experts suggested: Add a touch of paint for a dynamic look or leave the ladders as they are for a rustic, natural feel instead.

“This recycling feature is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, as you can use the ladder to store flower pots and decorative items.

“Make sure your ladder or steps are securely fastened to the wall they are leaning against, as this prevents any spills or mess if the weather changes.

“You can paint your ladder or steps a dark color so your brightly colored plants can stand out.”

old sink

It may sound strange, but recycling an old sink is a really smart move.

According to experts, ceramic sinks are particularly beautiful because they add a vintage touch to your outdoor space.

They explained: “Fortunately, the drainage is already built in, so you won’t have to worry about drilling holes in your sink for your plants.

“Place rocks at the bottom of your sink to allow for even drainage, then fill it with compost and plant a range of bedding plants to ensure the garden is awash with color.”

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