5 Tom Dixon designs that every home needs: lighting, kitchen, furniture

Tom Dixon. It’s a name you’ve heard many times before. It is a name that has amazed you many times before. And it’s a name you’ve associated for so long with some of the finest pieces in contemporary design. That’s why, this month, we’re incredibly proud to introduce the design studio which, well, needs little to no introduction.

The collection of Tom Dixon lighting and furniture that you see at OPUMO brings together some of our favorite Dixon designs and incorporates a number of extraordinary items that make generally laborious tasks like turning on a light or investing in a new side table, more charming and enchanting than ever. To illustrate our point and to put you at the heart of the studio’s new releases, we have selected five Tom Dixon designs that no home should be without.

This year, design studio Tom Dixon incorporated a fresher color palette through a brighter approach to design with crisp, crisp stainless steel and pop art of color ranging from electric blue to orange. So naturally we wanted to launch this essential edition of Tom Dixon home accessories by going completely against that. As we start with something that Tom Dixon is best known for; wonderful home accessories that sit somewhere between sober and eccentric.

The Bash collection was born out of the desire for a more organic, spontaneous and unpredictable design in a world flooded with mass-produced and always well-finished objects. Essentially, this is a unique line of household items that you know every other house on the street won’t have. Struck, beaten and hammered into abstract shapes for special bowls, vases and plates, each Bash accessory bears the imprint of tools and the personality of craftsmen. Which means they are ideal for use as a flower vase, fruit bowl, or as a contemporary sculpture; basically whatever you want.

Tom dixon

For a long time, home lighting has been an interior design category that has evolved much faster than others – pendant lights, floor lamps, sculptural lighting, it’s still a movement ahead of many interior design curves. Tom Dixon’s lighting is not so much ahead of the curve, but instead draws a new curve entirely. Take a look at the Tom Dixon Melt collection and you will understand exactly what we mean.

Drawing on Tom Dixon Design’s obsession with the idea of ​​creating imperfect, organic and naturalistic light, Melt was created in collaboration with FRONT – a Swedish design collective – and it’s a half-distorted spherical light. metallic which will project an ethereal luminosity on its surroundings.

Simply put, this is a warped light bulb that creates a spellbinding hot-blown glass effect in your home. Translucent when on and mirror when unlit, the Tom Dixon bulb emits a mildly mesmerizing light that works on a different level than any other sculptural light in the home you might see. Because of this, it has become one of the most popular Tom Dixon house designs, and no matter how many times you experiment with it, it just just gets better.

With simple, clean lines and a distinctive geometric shape, the Tom Dixon Etch lightweight pendant light is the most efficient Tom Dixon design as it will fit into most interiors much more easily than other sculptural designs. These geodesic pendants are formed from finely drilled flat sheets of metal and joined together by tabs like Victorian pewter toys. Using digital etching methods, hence the name, Etch light is designed for efficient filtering of light designed to cast a complex set of shadows. Which means Etch pendant lights can be hung individually over a dining table, for example, or for a more dramatic effect, hang them in multiples using the Dixon pendant system.

Sometimes the best seats, sofas, and chairs come from some of the simpler solutions and in the case of the Tom Dixon Fan Chair, that’s certainly true. The Fan is a modern take on the classic Windsor chair, a British archetype converted to a contemporary silhouette, creating an exclamation point in the home with a semi-transparent structure that occupies minimal visual mass for a tall, imposing chair. Not to mention the curved backrest and leather seat cushion that provide comfort and support that so few chairs can match.

So often, side tables are just that; side tables. Small tables that are easy to move and maneuver that you can move around as and when you need it. The Tom Dixon screw-in side table, however, is something quite different. The simple and honest design – inspired by the materials and processes of the Industrial Revolution – is beautiful and functional in the same way as all side tables. But its unique point of difference is its rotating top which allows for adjustable height – especially handy when you want to keep your drink close at hand – while remaining sturdy, durable and stylish. Best of all, the table can be used both indoors and outdoors – so there is no limit to its uses around the house.

Shop and explore the full range of Tom Dixon housewares at OPUMO.

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