Boat, garden furniture and other vandalized property in Daphné

UPDATE (5:57 p.m. 11/15/21): Police in Daphne said the parents of two young teenagers were seen on camera vandalizing a boat, patio furniture and a wooden playhouse in a house in Daphne contacted police after seeing the story shared on social media.

The couple were seen on surveillance camera painting vulgar language throughout the property on Sunday afternoon, but it was not discovered until today. The house is located near Bayside Academy along the bay. Police contacted school administrators this afternoon to determine if the teens appeared familiar. The owners say they’ve cleaned the boat already, but they’ll likely need to repaint the wooden playhouse. They say the teens brought spray paint with them and intended to vandalize their property. The owners still do not know why they were targeted.

DAPHNE, Alabama (WKRG) – Daphne Police are investigating after owners said their property was vandalized on Captain O’Neal Drive Sunday.

A boat, patio furniture and a wooden playhouse were littered with graffiti and vulgar language. The owners say two young teenagers walked into their property on Sunday afternoon and brought spray paint with them. The couple are seen on surveillance video waving their hands towards the camera and then spraying paint on a second camera moments later.

“It’s disturbing that they are doing it on purpose because they brought the spray paint with them. They spray painted our kid’s play set which is just mean and mean but kids make mistakes. We hope that they will learn from it, that they will not do it again, and that their parents will know more about where they are and what they are doing. We’re taking steps to make sure they’re held accountable for what they’ve done, so hopefully they never will, ”said Michelle Bigler.

The house, which sits along Mobile Bay, was the only house targeted, it seems. The owners say they do not recognize the two people seen on the surveillance video.

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