Bold Trends in Modern Furniture – Times of Oman

For many of us, keeping our homes looking fresh and feeling fresh has demonstrable effects on our health and well-being. Sometimes small updates, like replacing a suspension or changing accent cushions, make a huge difference.

Others, we might fancy more dramatic upgrades, like a kitchen makeover or picking out a statement piece for your living room or bedroom.

1. Metals and spices are still going strong

Gold, brass and copper were ubiquitous at the Market for 2022. From tulip dining table bases to light fixtures, interior designers continue to eschew silver and stainless in favor of richer hues and natural materials. Or consider adding a spice-inspired pop of color to your living room.

2. Create multipurpose spaces
While the “tiny homes” movement seems to be swallowing up less oxygen and popularity than a few years ago, interior designers are still creating spaces and furniture ideas for the movement. Additionally, real estate seems to continue to put pressure on modern furniture trends. Now more than ever, guest bedrooms are turning into home offices. The terraces and patios are transformed into yoga studios. Basements and garages are Crossfit gyms. This means that you can expect to see more and more versatile furniture. A good example are poufs! These little pops of color work as ottomans, end tables, or even extra seating. They are compact and add a ton of flexibility to bedrooms and living rooms.

3. Dark kitchens are going to be great
We call it – 2022 is the year dark kitchens go mainstream! Interior design has been flirting with dark kitchen colors for a while now. We read the tea leaves of interior design trends and predict that 2022 will be the year dark kitchens come out with a bang. Picture dark gray walls, drawers and a hunter green door. Cabinets in natural materials, contrasted by dark and deep backsplashes and floors.
Dark brown woods had been a bit of a run in the 2000s, and we don’t miss them. White kitchens have undeniably maintained the fort over the past decade. But 2022 is the year kitchens start to get dark.

4. Home is where the game is

Speaking of COVID trends, real estate, and our new (hopefully soon) post-pandemic world… of game rooms! One change that a lot of people made or recognized during the lockdowns and shutdowns was how fun games are. Especially when you’re trapped. Add a fun foosball table to your basement (our favorite), or even get your game started with an outdoor ping pong table like the one in Amsterdam pictured above. Either way, we expect homes and modern furniture trends to continue to adapt to times of home enjoyment.

5. Eco-friendly furniture creates steam
And while we’re talking about interior design trends and style that should continue for at least some time, let’s talk about “green.” Specifically, (not the color) green furniture.

6. To tuft or not to tuft?

As fans of the mid-century modern style, we’ve been thrilled with the adoption of button tufting over the past decade.
Yeah yeah. We understood. Sleek, clean sofas and expansive headboards have their place in the pantheon of modern furniture. Some of our favorites are simple, clean styles. Nonetheless, one of the biggest interior design trends of the 50s was to add texture…with curves and metal and brilliant crafting ideas!

7. Make the most of small spaces
As we mentioned above, real estate square footage is increasingly becoming a sought-after commodity.
Couple rental and home price increases with the United States’ move toward urbanization, and we expect interior design and furniture trends to continue to favor furniture versatility.

Which brings us to versatile furniture! Wondering why the Murphy bed was so popular in the early 2000s? Because it could transform a small room into an office, bedroom or living space – depending on your needs! We see a similar versatility in furniture trends today.

Sofas that convert into beds, coffee tables with hidden storage, and chairs that can be reconfigured are becoming more common.

8. The declaration elements are (always) present

Let’s face it – We don’t think the trend for modern, statement furniture designs is going anywhere. Never. Interior designers have always been drawn to the idea of ​​one or two rooms in a room that have a big impact. It’s just human nature. Think about it: when you walk into a room, what is the first thing your eyes turn to? What stands out and makes an impression?

Designers know this. That’s why they often use standout pieces to create a first impression, then build on them with the rest of their furniture selections.

Now, we’re not saying you need a very expensive item in your home to be considered a centerpiece. Sometimes something like the Worth Bed does all the heavy lifting!

Large pieces are common in furniture markets, so we’re never surprised to see them. And finding something unique for your home has its own appeal.

Whether it’s a large modern sectional for the living room or a sleek extending table for the dining room, large pieces provide an easy focal point. Around which you can arrange the rest of your space, large elements provide a simple focal point.

9. Modular designs are going mainstream

One of our favorite interior design trends for 2021 that is set to become more mainstream next year is modular furniture. The history of modular furniture is a bit of a mixed bag, usually dominated by very inexpensive and ridiculously expensive ranges covering only the ends of the spectrum. Buyers in the middle of the market were left out entirely.

But many of our manufacturers offer high-end, affordable sectional sofa collections that offer a style we love.

10. Platform beds are still warm

We know – We’ve mentioned platform beds a few times already. But trust us when we say there are enough new trends and styles with these designs to warrant their own category.

Much of the popularity obviously still has to do with the affordability and style of small spaces. Platform bed frames are simple and affordable, which makes them very popular. But that’s not all they offer!

There are so many different styles, colors, materials, and heights to choose from when it comes to platform beds that you can discover the perfect design for your space.

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