KBIS Design Milk X Modenus Talks Lounge Lineup Announced

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2022, owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), announces the fifth annual Design Milk X Modenus Talks Lounge located in the South Hall of the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, Du February 8-10, 2022. This dynamic partnership between Design Milk digital powerhouse founder Jaime Derringer and influencer connector Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus Media, drives dialogue and discussion forward with all members of the community of the kitchen and the bathroom.

As Miller often says, “the answer is already in the room, it’s our job to ask the right questions”. This programming list is sure to get to the bottom of key industry and business issues, generating stimulating conversations.

“Now more than ever, we need platforms on which we can vent, invent and reinvent,” said Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus Media. “Jaime and I love change and challenges and are excited to be part of reshaping the future of the kitchen and bath industry. KBIS’ DMM Talks is the perfect platform to have honest, in-depth conversations about what works and what doesn’t in our ever-changing world.

Programming of the #DMMTalks show:

February 8, 9:15 a.m.

Influencer Breakfast (pre-registration required)

How to Get Found: Simple Search Engine Optimization for Designers and Brands

Featured by Nicole Heymer at Glory & Brand

Sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite

Do you know that your website is the only digital real estate you actually own? All other social platforms are subject to algorithm changes, freemium business models and/or the discretion of the companies that own them. Learn from web design guru Nicole Heymer of Glory & Brand what it takes to optimize your website, content and search engine strategy to stay in control of your digital footprint.

10:30 a.m.

Design Business Track

Lock down your systems for success in 2022

Presented by LuAnn Nigara

Sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite

Processes and systems are important to every business, whether you’re a kitchen and bathroom designer, interior designer or web designer. Business is business and well run businesses have systems in place. The current global economy has taken its toll on home industry businesses, so systems are more critical than ever. Join LuAnn Nigara as she describes the 3 non-negotiable systems you need to improve and streamline to succeed in this new business climate.

12 p.m.

Wellness lunch (pre-registration required)

Design-Uncut BrandTalks: Beko Appliances

Sponsored by Beko Appliances

It’s time to re-imagine what American cuisine is and should be – a true intersection of personal and planetary health. This intimate conversation aims to serve as a resource for designers and builders who want to offer their customers ways to create healthier, more sustainable kitchens and homes with one of the fastest growing and most sustainable appliance brands. in the USA. Join Modenus Media CEO Veronika Miller in conversation with Beko Home Appliances President and 2022 NKBA Hall of Fame inductee Zach Elkin.

12:30 p.m.

Putting Health and Wellness First – How to Get Your Customers to Demand Better Products

Sponsored by Beko Appliances

As an industry, we all expect sales of health and wellness-centric products to skyrocket at times like these, but what are consumers really asking for? Has health and wellness effectively become a primary priority or is there a disconnect and do we have the tools and language to present these products properly during a sales pitch? This conversation offers takeaways for designers and specifiers to improve their selling skills and launch a different, perhaps more meaningful, relationship with their customers. Join Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus Media, and Megan Mazzocco, Director of Sustainability and Wellbeing at Spring Architecture.

2 p.m.

Design-Uncut BrandTalks: the invisible smart home

Sponsored by Moen

The smart home of the future is where technology fits so seamlessly into our lives that it becomes second nature. The best technology anticipates our needs, does what it’s supposed to do without constant hitches, and has a real purpose. During this brand talk, Moen will discuss the invisible smart home and how home water technology can be designed to let us know when something is wrong, help us monitor usage to planning and enable us to proactively take conservation action into our own hands.

3 p.m.

Design Milk Trend Talks: Trends 2022 – Personalization, biophilia, technology and more

Sponsored by Cafe Appliances

Is Veri Peri here to stay? Does Alexa have an expiration date? From tech trends to warm color palettes, Design Milk’s Jaime Derringer and a panel of experts take an in-depth look at what’s new and what’s next. Moderator: Jaime Derringer, Design Milk Speakers: TK Wismer, designer; Alex Capecelatro, CEO, Joshai; Kelly Finley, Founder and Principal Designer, Joy Street Design.

February 9

9:15 a.m.

Influencer Breakfast (pre-registration required)

Top Tips to Acquire the Right Website Traffic to Generate 24/7 Revenue and

Acquisition of new customers

Presented by Leslie Carothers of Savor Partnership

Sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite

Acquiring the right consumer website traffic is not as easy as it used to be. Get top tips on what you need to know and do in 2022 to acquire more consumer website traffic to make your online products and new customer acquisition business a financial success.

10:30 a.m.

Design Business Track

Money talks! Multiple streams of income – in your local business and online

Presented by Claire Jefford

Sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite

Life is unpredictable… you think? Always be one step ahead! Refine your services to expand beyond one or two types of offerings at your local business. This will give you the ability to pivot as needed and not rely too heavily on one way to make money when the market inevitably changes. To be very selective with client projects, prepare for greater financial stability by exploring income stream options online. How can you bring value to a wider audience and generate passive income? Jefford shares her story of how she implemented this strategy with outstanding results.


Sustainability Luncheon (advance registration required)

Sustainability – Don’t talk about it, build it in!

Sponsored by Beko Appliances

We’ve been talking about sustainability for years and customers usually run away screaming when we do. Here’s a tip: don’t even mention it, embed it! In every project and in every customer onboarding process – integrating sustainable practices from the start is good for the planet and the people who live on it – and if you’re not excited about it, it’s good for success of your business because it increases your value as a design professional. Join Modenus Media CEO Moderator Veronika Miller in a conversation with Laurence Carr, Founder and CEO: Laurence Carr Inc; Steve Feldman, CEO of Renovation Angel; Director of Sustainability and Wellbeing at Spring Architecture, Megan Mazzocco.

1:45 p.m.

Design-Uncut: home technology panel

THINK BIG! Understanding Whole-Home technology to optimize your K+B projects

Sponsored by Control 4

Trends reported by the NKBA, NAHB and others show a surge in technology adoption in the kitchen and bathroom, but do you know enough about today’s technology to guide with success with your customers and incorporate the right kind of technology into your designs? Do not panic ! You don’t have to be a tech savvy, but you do need to know what to listen to, ask for, and where to find the right resources to bring it all together. Don’t let technology be an obstacle but rather a revolutionary opportunity in 2022 (and beyond)! Join KMB Communications Moderator and CEO Katye McGregor Bennett in a conversation with Jen Mallett, Owner, Level Up Your Home; Jamie Briesemeister, Owner, Integration Controls; Gordon Van Zuiden, Owner, cyberManor.


Design Milk Trend Talks:

How lifestyle and societal trends impact K+B Design

Sponsored by NEOLITH

Learn how societal, economic, and social shifts are affecting interior design, architecture, and more in this anthropological discussion that will highlight the most impactful macro trends in design, both current and future. Join moderator Jaime Derringer, Creative Director, Design Milk and the panelists:
Breegan Jane, designer and lifestyle expert; Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC, Wellness Design Consultant and Author; Lisa Wirth, Interior Designer and Head of Design + Commerce, Beam for the discussion.

February 10

9:15 a.m.

Influencer Breakfast (pre-registration required)

TikTok for home decor? You better believe it!

Sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite

Social platforms are for early adopters and Tiktok is no different. Join Florence von Pelet, COO of Modenus Media, and Katye McGregor Bennett, CEO of KMB Communications, in a conversation with Sarah Robertson, NKBA award-winning kitchen designer and TikTok superstar, Director of Studio Dearborn. Sarah will share her insights on her TikTok strategies and her rationale and experiences of using TikTok for her business.

10:30 a.m.

Design Business Track

Metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFT)????? What is it and why should you care?
Sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite

Is the future really here? What is the Metaverse, what are Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT’s? Why do people make money with all this – or HOW do they make money with it? And most importantly, why should you care or not care? Here’s the talk from digital media visionary Leslie Carothers, director of Savor Partnership, in conversation with KMB Communications CEO Katye McGregor Bennett and Design Milk CCO Jaime Derringer.

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