I’m a furniture expert – this kitchen staple will have your furniture looking brand new in MINUTES

WE drink it every day in the early morning and it helps us with the endless list of responsibilities.

Coffee is a staple that almost no one can imagine living with – but there’s more to this magical elixir than just its energizing properties.


Ten minutes and your rough tables will be like newCredit: Getty

According to Daniel P. Craig, furniture expert and founder of Kitchen Deets, coffee grounds are also great for cleaning furniture with stubborn scratches.

Not only will using this chemical-free by-product cost you absolutely nothing, it will also help reduce waste.

“A little trick I’ve used is to cover up the scratches by applying used coffee grounds with a cotton swab,” he told Express.

According to the whizz, all you have to do is simply let the soil sit on the affected areas for ten minutes, then gently wipe it off.

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“It really works,” Daniel said.

Although this method may seem unconventional to some, he explained that in most cases, you won’t be able to find where the scratches were after applying this nifty solution.

The expert is not the only one to seem adept at this rather surprising technique.

Andre Kazimierski of Improve Painters explained how coffee makes scratches “less visible”.

“Coffee grounds are a great tool for covering up any scratches you find on your furniture.”

For scratches that seem harder to remove, he suggests mixing it with white vinegar.


This mixture, André said, should be left to infuse for at least an hour before applying it to furniture scratches with a cloth.

Whether dry or pickled, both techniques will “darken the scratch and make it less visible,” he says.

However, it is also recommended that owners always test the color in a hidden location before experimenting with this hack.

It’s not just furniture that can benefit from this product – ranges too.

Due to their abrasive form, using coffee grounds on your stovetop will remove stubborn stains and neutralize bad odors left over from leftovers from previous meals.

To do this, sprinkle coffee grounds on the shiny metal surface around the heating rings and scrub as usual or add coffee grounds to a soapy water solution and apply with a sponge.

Wipe with clean water or surface wipes and repeat if necessary.

Great for you and your furniture, coffee grounds can also be used to clean your stove


Great for you and your furniture, coffee grounds can also be used to clean your stoveCredit: Getty

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