Furniture brands and companies in Bangladesh: an overview

Whether it is your home or office, furniture is essential for carrying out the daily activities of daily living. Not to mention that furniture can enhance or degrade the beauty and elegance of space over and over. You can hardly decorate a space aesthetically without furniture. So people are naturally drawn to furniture. There are many furniture manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Among them are companies that manufacture world-class furniture. Moreover, some companies even export furniture abroad after satisfying the country’s demand. Let’s learn about some of these local international standards furniture brands in Bangladesh.

Popular Bangladeshi furniture brands and companies

Hatil Furniture Limited

Hail is considered to be one of the top game changers in the Bangladesh furniture industry. Careful selection of raw materials, environmentally friendly business practices and customer-centric approaches have made Hatil one of the top furniture brands in Bangladesh. However, it would be wrong to call Hatil one of the leading brands in the furniture industry in the country.

Hatil has also reached the pinnacle of furniture exporting. In recent years, the Hatil brand has spread to neighboring countries, India, Nepal and Bhutan. In fiscal year 2019, Hatil sold furniture worth Tk 323 crore at home and abroad. Hatil started his journey in 1989. Later in 1993, Hatil started making furniture by leasing a 5,000 square foot factory in Kuril, and they now have a 10% market share.

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Navana Furniture Limited

Founded in 2002, Navana Furniture Limited began its journey as a sister company of the Navana Group. In a very short time, the company established itself in the creation of beauty in bourgeois and bourgeois homes. Starting with lots of uniquely designed furniture with customer needs and satisfaction in mind, this company now has showrooms across the country. Navana made wood furniture as well as processed wood furniture.

Akhtar Furniture

Akhtar Furniture, which started with a small furniture store in 1976, is now one of the top furniture manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. With the help of high quality products and innovative and unique designs, Akhtar furniture has met the demand of furniture lovers. The company uses 100% solid wood to make furniture.

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According to the advertisement, Akhtar furnishing products are made only from strong trees and after long drying. That is why Akhtar furniture products are free from the risk of being bitten or eaten by insects.

Akhtar Furniture obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2001. In addition, the Akhtar group has received various awards and distinctions for its contribution to the development of the country. Among them, the Quality Award at SME Fair and Home Show, Kanthakharu and Raozan Samiti Award for Furniture Company, Mercantile Bank Limited and Ekta Cultural and Social Organization Award for Business Performance are notable.

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Otobi Furniture Limited

October is one of the best furniture companies in Bangladesh to provide a highly acceptable lifestyle solution for middle to upper class people. This furniture brand is famous for its modern manufacturing capability, advanced and innovative design and extensive distribution network.

Hence, it has become one of the reliable brands for all levels of customers. October began its journey in 1975, and from 2020 the business is linked to Nadia and Navana furniture with a 5% market share. They are mainly famous for their affordable furniture made with planks.

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Partex Furniture Industries Limited

Another trusted name in the Bangladesh furniture industry is Partex Furniture Limited, which is a sister company of Partex Star Group. This furniture brand has gained popularity in Bangladesh for its versatile products. The company was founded in 1999 with enormous manufacturing capacity, unique style and significant design.

This company usually manufactures various items of bedding, sofa, dressing table, couch, cabinet, cabinet, tea table and other matching furniture. In addition to these, wood, laminate panels and sheet metal were used to make Partex furniture.

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Brothers Furniture

Brothers Furniture Limited has been doing business in Bangladesh for 41 years with a reputation, and a few years ago they started to export products overseas beyond the country’s borders. This well-known local furniture brand aims to provide its customers with furniture in line with the modern lifestyle and with the best customer service. The company produces furniture with a variety of materials, including wood, steel, Partex / B-Nile panel, aluminum, plastic, marble, bamboo and cane.

Nadia Furniture

Founded in 1991, Nadia Furniture Limited currently has 26 showrooms across the country. Nine of which are in Dhaka and the remaining 17 are in other divisions and district headquarters outside Dhaka. There is also a huge offer of kitchen cabinets, interior solutions and office furniture. You will find all the necessary furniture in these showrooms whether you want to decorate a home, office or any other type of space. The products are also available on their website.

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Royal furniture

Since 2013, Regal Furniture has been a sister company of the Pran-RFL group. In a short time they have gained popularity as they have a wide range of furniture at an affordable price. They have various furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room, hospital, office, factory and more. To meet local and international demand, they have a spacious factory in Narayanganj. To make the furniture, they use imported raw materials, seasoning factories, modern machinery, CNC machines, etc.

ISHO furniture

Although ISHO is an online furniture store, it also has a few offline stores. From 2017, ISHO aims to manufacture trendy and traditional furniture for the younger generation. ISHO offers several product lines such as traditional, modern, functional, exclusive and smart ranges.

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Besides furniture, they sell household and kitchen appliances. This is not the end, and the organization is moving forward following ethical business policy with sustainability in mind. As a result, plans are already underway to purchase domestic raw materials, especially timber, in the future.

Bois Marc Furniture

Wood Marc is an elite furniture store located in Gulshan, Dhaka. It was established in 2006, and they don’t have a chain store yet. In addition to ready-made furniture, customers can order custom furniture according to their needs. In addition, Wood Marc offers a repair service for furniture purchased from them. Although this elegant furniture brand is not yet very well known in Bangladesh, customers in Dhaka, especially Gulshan, enjoy good service from them.

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Final result

So far we have discussed some of the best furniture companies in Bangladesh. Among them, some are dominant players in the Bangladeshi furniture market while some are emerging as reliable brands. Not all companies work with the same type of furniture. All of these businesses contribute to the country’s economy.

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