The Brome Lake Residence exhibits top quality hardwood furniture

Manufacturer and distributor of superior quality hardwood furniture, Kastella collaborated with the architectural firm Atelier Pierre Thibault on the modern family home on Brome Lake. This was Kastella’s first carpentry collaboration with the company.

Earlier this month, Kastella completed the Brome Lake residency in Canada. The Montreal manufacturer and distributor of premium hardwood furniture has collaborated with an architectural firm Pierre Thibault workshop for the first time, and the results are a single storey lakefront dwelling, designed with floor-to-ceiling windows.

“The Lac Brome residence was a great opportunity for the company to collaborate with Atelier Pierre Thibault, a firm that Kastella has always held in high esteem,” said Jason Burhop, founder of Kastella, in a press release.

Founded in 2003 by Jason Burhop, the Montreal workshop specializes in the production of high quality solid wood furniture and custom architectural joinery.

The idea of ​​a large covered outdoor patio where the family could live immersed in nature inspired the project which took a year to plan and complete. Kastella integrated carpentry and custom furniture production for its design-loving clients who chose walnut with a water-based finish as their primary interior material. They gave warm, caramel tones to the wood-paneled walls and built-in storage furniture.

Residence Lac Brome. Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet.

The two strategically placed 10-foot islands that maximize lake views complete the highly functional kitchen, designed with flat-paneled walnut cabinetry, open shelving and black Fenix ​​NTM countertops reminiscent of Kastella’s furniture.

In addition to providing custom joinery and collector’s furniture, Kastella was commissioned to design a series of outdoor furniture modeled on the central pieces of their collection. A bespoke version of the T107 dining table found its way into the covered outdoor dining area, as did an adaptation of their C110 bench.

Residence Lac Brome. Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet.

The Shift collection

The Shift collection, according to the company, represents Kastella’s transition from a predominantly geometric aesthetic to the use of softer, rounded lines. The collection takes inspiration from mid-century American furniture as well as the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design. Thanks to the rounded legs and soft edges, the pieces have been designed to bring an effortless feel and a light feel to the wood.

The Bed B107 is a sober and simple design. The solid wood bed has soft rounded edges, curved legs and a slanted headboard for extra comfort. Our goal was to create a bed that was both durable in construction and lightweight and effortless.

Residence Lac Brome. Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet.

The C110 bench, with its soft rounded edges and curved feet, was originally designed to accompany the dining table T107, designed with versatility in mind. Stylish enough for your dining room and durable enough for everyday kitchen life. A solid wood table, with soft rounded edges, curved legs and a beautiful beveled top.

Residence Lac Brome. Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet.

The Soft Yarn Collection

Soft yarn, which means no resistance, is a design collaboration between Jason Burhop and Etienne Dugal. The main design feature of this collection is the continuous flow of vertical components to horizontal surfaces. Designed in 2016, the C401 stool, winner of the 9th edition of the Grand Prix du Design for the residential furniture category, is the cornerstone of the collection.

The stool C401 is a simple and elegant stool with a semi-spherical shaped seat that transforms beautifully into long rounded legs. The machined brass footrest is an important detail that adds both comfort and sophistication. We think you will be very surprised at how comfortable a backless wooden stool can be!

Residence Lac Brome. Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet.

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